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A recent poll released by Gallup showed the vast majority of Americans in favor of legalizing weed. In fact, by poll’s end, an astounding 64 percent want it legal, with nearly everyone now approving of accessible medical use. Now, the American Legion released the results of its own survey, which shows extensive support for the legalization and research of medical marijuana among military veterans.

Commissioned by the American Legion, the country’s biggest organization for veterans, the survey polled both veterans themselves and their faithful caregivers back in early October. The results showed 81 percent of military veterans in favor of legalizing medical use, and happy to get a medical marijuana card and comply with a system similar to the program for medical marijuana in California.

Veterans Need Medical Pot More Than Most

In an interview with The Cannabist, Joe Plenzler, American Legion’s spokesperson, said that, “We already know that greater than 80 percent of the American public supports research into the efficacy of medical cannabis. What this survey shows is that America’s veterans feel even more strongly about the need to study cannabis and its potential in treating post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, depression, and loss of appetite, chronic pain, and other ailments that veterans face every day.”

For some time already, the Legion has been strongly advocating for the federal government to remove marijuana from its Schedule 1 classification under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, even just to reschedule it. The need for further medical research into cannabis has never been more important, especially as it may help millions of veterans struggling with conditions proven treatable with marijuana.

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Recently, the group lobbied the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to end federal legislation preventing the study of monumentally important clinical trials on using medical cannabis to treat veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. The survey attracted 1,360 respondents from all over the country, with 802 either military veterans or non-professional caregivers to those injured by service.

The Study’s Key Findings

The survey revealed some interesting statistics. Ninety-two percent of participants are supportive of medical research, with 82 percent in favor of legalizing it for medical reasons. Here are some other crucial findings revealed in the survey:

1. Of the veterans surveyed, 81 percent believe that the federal government should legalize cannabis nationally to treat a mental or physical condition. Among caregivers, however, the number is notably higher, with 83 percent of them advocating for legalization at the federal level.

2. Both groups are supportive of researching medical marijuana, with 92 percent of veterans strongly favoring it and 93 percent of caregivers also giving it the thumbs up.

3. Momentum for legalization is gaining rapid speed; with 60 percent of respondents for legalization and research currently living in states where it remains an illegal substance.

4. The issue of legalization is attracting political support too. Eighty-eight percent of participants identified as conservatives, with 90 percent self-confessed liberals and 70 percent non-partisan. All of them support legalization at the federal level.

5. The survey polled military vets and caregivers of all ages, and each group came out overwhelmingly in support of federal legalization. Seventy-nine percent of those polled who were 60-years or older supported decriminalization. Among the youth, approval ratings are significantly higher: Of those aged between 46-years and 59 years, 87 percent showed favor, but those aged 31-years to 45 years were 96 percent for it, and those aged between 18-years and 30-years are all in favor of full legalization.

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Best Medical Marijuana Buy Online

As patients, none qualifies more for a medical marijuana card than those who serve the country. For their efforts, many now suffer enduring pain, trauma, and worse from their time in the service. The quantity of opioids and other dangerous drugs prescribed to military veterans is alarming, and most would give up traditional treatments for a life free of pain, addiction, and complicated side effects.

According to the study’s authors, veterans are consuming medical pot across the United States already, even in states without legislated programs. Many of these vets get their medical marijuana in California, Colorado, even Canada. The survey shows one veteran in five using weed to treat a physical or medical condition, with 40 percent of caregivers aware of at least one using it for those reasons.

When medical pot becomes legal nationwide, whether legalized at the federal level or in all the different states, veterans will have the freedom to search the internet for the best medical marijuana buy online. Many already do, saving a notable amount of money on weed coupons and others deals or promotions in the process. If veterans continue to demand access to medical marijuana, they will likely get it soon.

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  1. Avatar for stuart amilley stuart amilley November 16, 2017 / 1:01 pm / Reply

    Great support from the veterans . Stat shows some facts : 92% of participants are supportive of medical research, with 82 percent in favor of legalizing it for medical reasons.

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