Natural Benefits of Marijuana for Hair Care

Benefits of Marijuana

If healthy, beautiful hair is on your agenda, which surely it is, then you need to look no further than cannabis. With its abundance of medicinal properties, it is no wonder that marijuana has a significant effect on hair and scalp health. It is readily available and very easy to use. It includes everything you need for a radiant head of hair, from fatty acids to proteins, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Whether you enjoy smoking it, swallowing it, or washing your hair in it, cannabis can make all the difference in keeping your hair strong and healthy. You can find all manner of hair care products that contain hemp oil, a derivative of cannabis plants, including shampoos, conditioners, oil blends, even hair masks. However, consider using it both internally and externally for optimal results.

Hemp vs. Marijuana

Hemp and marijuana are both cannabis plants. The difference is that hemp contains only trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, whereas marijuana contains enough to make you “high.” Extracted from the stems and seeds of either plant, you can use it as either a supplement or a topical skin and hair treatment, all of which is easily available for marijuana delivery in Los Angeles.

Cannabis and its Benefits for Hair Care

Scientists are discovering new therapeutic uses for cannabis on an almost daily basis now. These plants are rich in cannabinoids, flavonoids, even terpenes, which all have their own health benefits to offer. In fact, so rich are cannabis and cannabis-derived products in all the goodness that your hair needs, that it should become a staple in your daily beauty routine. Here are some reasons why:

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Marijuana Stimulates Hair Growth

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, cannabis contains an abundance of essential fatty acids, including omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9. These all encourage hair growth, both internally if consumed and externally if applied topically and massaged into the scalp. Furthermore, many studies show marijuana playing an active role in improving blood circulation to the scalp, making growth easier.

Marijuana Strengthens Hair

Essential fatty acids also help to strengthen the hair, but according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, cannabis also contains proteins. Together with these fatty acids, protein helps to strengthen hair at its roots. It does this by improving hair follicle health, as well as by moisturizing the hair itself to prevent it from becoming brittle, damaged, or otherwise easier to break.

Marijuana Moisturizes Hair

Fatty acids are deeply moisturizing. Not only is it that, but the carrier oil used in cannabis infusions also has moisturizing properties. The market offers many oils to oomph up your tresses, but cannabis is the most effective. It absorbs very quickly and does not leave the same residues behind as other oils. This makes it easier for cannabinoids to penetrate the top skin layers, locking moisture and nutrients in.

Marijuana Adds Volume and Thickness

Healthy hair looks good. The fatty acids in cannabis both strengthen and thicken individual hair strands, as well as adding moisture to keep it from looking dried out, limp, and brittle. Combined, all of these factors add thickness and volume to otherwise dreary looking hair, leaving it full, healthy, and the envy of all your friends and family.

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Marijuana Treats Scalp Conditions

To have great hair, you need a healthy scalp. Cannabis can help treat any scalp conditions that you may have, from dandruff to infections. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, marijuana is a powerful anti-inflammatory able to treat chronic skin issues. By lowering inflammation levels, boosting circulation, and moisturizing the hair, weed can relieve infections, itchiness, dry scalp, and dandruff.

Cannabis and Different Hair Types

Although the cannabis-infused hair care industry is still in its early stages of development, already a wide range of products exist on the market. Cannabis itself works wonders on all types of hair, but this may not be true of the product it comes in. The only way to know if your hair will benefit from a specific shampoo or conditioner is to try it out. Since cannabis is natural, it will not harm your hair in any way.

Vacaville Cannabis Delivery

You can explore a variety of hair products containing cannabis. Most dispensaries and retail outlets in California stock a large selection of them. You can order marijuana from Vacaville cannabis delivery to Los Angeles, Vacaville, or anywhere in the state, so keep a lookout for what products you would like to try first. Remember to include a cannabis supplement, as doing so can improve your hair health from the inside too.

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