Government To Give New Hope To Those Convicted Of Crimes Involving The Cannabis Drug By Removing The Box

It is looking likely that there will be a major breakthrough if a proposed bill goes ahead as planned. In an effort to move forward with drug reform and to try to make the criminal justice system fairer for those who have been convicted of crimes involving the cannabis drug, it is expected that three senators will pass a bill in the US to effectively “ban the box” for students who are enrolling in college.

System Penalising Those Who Illegally Buy Medical Marijuana With No Other Choice

Until now, the standard form for students to complete when they are applying for standard federal student aid has carried a box that could restrict access to education for many potential students. The box is an indication as to whether or not the applicant has any previous drug convictions. It is hoped that eliminating the box will help thousands of potential students to get a good education and to get back on the right track with their lives. In the past, even those who were convicted after being forced to illegally Buy Medical Marijuana to treat their ailments had been blocked from education.

Future Looks Better For Users Of Marijuana Cannabis

The new rules have so far been referred to as the SUCCESS Act, meaning Stopping Unfair Collateral Consequences from Ending Student Success. It is a follow up response after President Obama took executive action in 2015 to ban the same box on federal employment applications. It had been found that most employers would dismiss an application from an applicant who had checked the box, which meant that even those who were indeed able to carry out the job and would have been a strong candidate were missing out on the opportunity to be interviewed. Essentially, US citizens had been banned from applying for a legal job due to the box and this could leave the applicant no choice but to turn to an illegal method of raising funds.

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Re-assessing the way that students complete their application forms is a move that has been welcomed by supporters of drug reform. By blocking access to education for young people, the government is doing nothing to tackle drug issues. Instead, it is by helping people into education and employment that the drug problems will be reduced as people will have better means of supporting themselves and they won’t need to turn to drugs or the drug industry to support their livelihood. Just because someone has been convicted of an offense involving marijuana cannabis, something that is now carrying less penalty in many states will no longer mean that they can’t go on to be a productive member of society.

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Comments (2)

  1. Avatar for Alexis Alexis February 27, 2016 / 7:43 am / Reply

    If we are willing to ban the box for college applicants, then BAN THE WHOLE DAMN STIGMA AND SCHEDULE FOR THIS PLANT!!! WTH is making past use okay and continuing to incarcerate and penalize current and future use of a helpful harmless Natural Plant not okay!!!

    1. Avatar for Fallon metts Fallon metts February 28, 2016 / 6:38 am / Reply

      I think cannabis should be legal for medicinal and leisurely use. It’s a wonderful all natural herb that has more pros than cons . Is safe and could be the solution to so many things if it was just legal. Waisting tax payers money, time and taking up unnecessary space for a non crime, non criminal activity when there are far more important offenses going on that need 2 be focused on. Please let’s use police for what they are actually needed for not these dumb arrests

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