New Standards for Marijuana Testing Laboratories in California

marijuana testing laboratories

Many California natives rejoiced when in November the sale and use of recreational marijuana was legalized. This meant that there was no longer a need for a medical marijuana certification in order to purchase, cultivate or grow marijuana. However, what many people didn’t know is that this milestone came along with new standards for marijuana testing laboratories in California which may change the way you are able to purchase it.

Here is everything you need to know about the Marijuana laws California has put into place.

Growing Marijuana

Most states that have legalized the medical use of marijuana also allow you to grow your own plants, under very strict guidelines of course. These guidelines include the amount of plants that you are able to grow as well as the way the plants must be treated and handled. But, how does this work for the states like California that have legalized recreational use of marijuana? More importantly, why do the new standards for marijuana testing laboratories in California exist?

The answer is simple. State regulations want to make sure that you are getting a clean product that is safe enough to use. In order to do this, marijuana plants need to go through a strict round of laboratory testing. According to these new rules and standards have been put in place by an offset of the Food and Drug Administration known as The Bureau of Medical Cannabis Regulation.

In order to grow marijuana on your own that is deemed safe for consumption, you now have to file for a license that will put you in the same category with other marijuana businesses. Basically, you will be your own business owner. This also means that you will solely be in charge of making sure your product is tested correctly according to the new standards.

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What is a Marijuana Testing Laboratory?

Have you ever gone to a dispensary and looked at all the different strains each has to offer? Each has its own potency level, THC number as well as individualized characteristics. These labs take in just about anything that marijuana related, from buds to edibles, and they test each for levels. While most people really just want to know how strong their product is, that isn’t the main goal of these laboratories.

The new standards for marijuana testing laboratories in California also require that the product is not only tested for strength, but also testing to make sure that harmful bacterium hasn’t infected the plant. This means they test for things like E. Coli and anything things else that may put someone’s immune system in jeopardy. According to they even test each product for pesticides. They do this because marijuana is prided to be a natural substitute for pain suffers so it needs to be safe enough for even the sickest person to use.

Why are the Standards for Marijuana Testing So Important?

While legal recreational marijuana use is on the rise, there are still a high percentage of patients that use marijuana to treat serious illnesses like cancer and HIV. When a person is suffering from one of these life threatening ailments it is important that everything down to the food they eat is extremely clean. Marijuana testing laboratories in California put each product through rigorous testing to make sure that it is safe enough for these types of patients to use.

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The last thing that a cancer suffering patient would want is to ingest a marijuana product that is filled with an immunity system fighting bacteria when their immunity systems are already so vulnerable. While this form of testing is extremely important to the quality and safety of the product, that isn’t the only thing that these laboratories are now required testing for.

Rules for marijuana testing laboratories require that all products be tested for everything from environmental exposures to metal detection. Even things that seem trivial like moisture content and general dirt. While it may seem that regulations and standards are going a bit overboard, it is all done with a greater purpose. You wouldn’t want to take anything that you didn’t feel was safe.

Final Thoughts

Legalizing the medical and recreational use of marijuana has come a long way from the pipe dream that many people had. Along with the legalization comes the government restrictions, they go hand in hand. While there are restrictions and regulations of how you can purchase, sell and grow marijuana, perhaps the most important regulation is how you test it. The new standards for marijuana testing laboratories in California may seem a little extreme but they do serve a greater purpose in the long run. So whether you are growing at home or are planning on starting your own cultivation company, do your research and make sure you are protected.

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