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Medical Marijuana is of great benefit for those who have medical problems and prefer to treat their condition naturally. In California, there is now a simple way to order and receive marijuana online, the natural medication, through

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An interesting Fact

Marijuana is closely related to a product that is used and legal in all states. Some may think tobacco but they would be wrong. Hops have been found to smell, taste, and in some cases, look similar to cannabis! That light-headed feeling you get from drinking alcohol has to do with the common terpenes in the hops.The terpenes that they have in common are myrcene- which also shares this terpene with mangos, beta-pinene, and alpha-humulene. The chemical compound (myrcene) is found in several plants. Now, that is taking science of the molecular structure of plants to a different level!

Strains of Cannabis

The strains of Marijuana online can determine whether you will feel energized or relaxed. Sativa is commonly the energizer and stimulant. This strain can make you feel focused. The strain most commonly used for medical marijuana is Indica. It relieves pain and relaxes the patient, making them want to sleep. It is helpful with many pain conditions and helpful with seizures and sleep disorders, as well. The third type of marijuana is the hybrid. These are strains that combine the Sativa and Indica, and produce a different plant that takes the properties that the two different types of cannabis to produce the strain.

Government’s Medical Interference

Unless you are a marijuana aficionado, or are old enough to remember this medical miracle in medication, it was used in over the counter medicines until 1937, Eli Lilly, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Smith Brothers, and Merck had incorporated this plant in medicines. We realize that we had medical marijuana and it was taken away. Our government (U.S) incorporated a tax on marijuana. In 1942, the medical of marijuana disappeared, as it was deemed illegal, and became a Schedule 1 drug, where it was not something that would be allowed to be used in medication. It was considered as bad as LSD and heroin. What was left for medical use was opium, cocaine and morphine when they received a lesser drug Schedule of 2.

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Hope for Marijuana’s return to Glory

There are several states in the U.S that have decriminalized marijuana, either fully or for medical purposes. Medical marijuana  online should be allowed to be used nationwide, like other countries. States that have legalized marijuana in some way, are becoming inundated with requests to open dispensaries. Other states are learning from them by studying models of those who have put different types of dispensaries in place. California has a local delivery service for the Hollywood, Burbank and Santa Barbara areas. Other areas in California can order and receive their delivery within 48 hours for medical marijuana. There are several places on the internet that will ship seeds to buds across the country and beyond the borders. Medical marijuana online  is natures’ gift and should be used for that purpose, as it was intended. Every plant has a purpose. Marijuana is sorely under-utilized in this country!

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