Ohio To Vote for Legalization of Cannabis Drug

medical marijuana

Tuesday, November 3rd is the day that voters in Ohio begin to consider an amendment to the constitution. It’s possible that if the votes go in the right direction that marijuana could become legal to use for not only medicinal use but for recreational use too.

Investors Jump On Board To Back Amendment

There is hefty backing from investors who have plunged around $25 million into the campaign to encourage voters to register their ballots for the amendment. It’s in their best interest, as a ‘yes’ vote would mean that they would be allowed to legally grow and cultivate the cannabis drug, with exclusive rights too.

The opposition to the ballot poses the argument that crime, health and the economy could all be at risk if the bill is successful.

Oddly enough, Ohio has seen a most peculiar fight over the race to approve the amendment as investors make their attempts to monopolies the marijuana market. This looks to be maybe the first time that an attempt to legalize marijuana will make such a great impact to the producers of marijuana.

Ohio Could Be First Stat To Jump The Medical Marijuana Stage


medical marijuana

So far, it looks as though the playing field is quite even when it comes to voter split. There seems to be a 50/50 chance that the ballot will be passed, but if it goes ahead, then Ohio would become the first US state to have legalized recreational marijuana, skipping the medical marijuana stage. A ‘Yes’ vote would also put Ohio on the front line for legalizing the marijuana movement. Just in time for the 2016 presidential elections. The attention that Ohio would draw with this amendment would be enough to have the country talking and would lift a little of the taboo from the subject of marijuana.

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What Could This Mean For Citizens?


medical marijuana

The new laws would permit the use of the cannabis drug for medicinal purposes and personal amounts of marijuana could also be used for recreational use. A commission would be set up to regulate the marijuana industry – a move that is applauded by many who would rather see a safer and more controlled approach to the substance. 10 areas of land would be licensed where those who won the bid to grow marijuana for retail purposes would be allowed to do so legally.

Up to 4 flowering plants could be grown by adults over the age of 21, as long as the marijuana was going to be used for their own personal usage. Retailers who were elected in local areas would also be allowed to legally sell marijuana under a license.

It is possible that Ohio won’t be the only state to offer this ballot. California and Nevada look set to follow suit in the near future too. This is great news for supporters of legalization.

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