Best Marijuana Delivery Services in California

Whether you are a patient who has turned to the green bud for symptomatic relief or you are a recreational puff passer, overnight delivery of your marijuana has taken off and is flying high in California.

For the patients that are struggling with symptoms that leave them struggling to leave the house, the thought of heading out to get their dose of bud can leave them feeling even worse than before. So it comes as no surprise that this new and emerging industry of marijuana delivery services has left many users with a happy high. The appeal of the marijuana delivery service in California does not stop with patients, the appeal transcends to consumers from all walks of life.

So, in this emerging market that is attracting more and more entrepreneurs by the day how is it possible to weed out the best weed services? Not only do you want to find a delivery service that you can trust with your information, but you surely are looking for one that offers high-quality weed that will give you a quality high.

The following companies have earned themselves quite a following amongst cannabis consumers while others are promising budding industries of the bud.

  • PotValet

This is a well-established immediate marijuana delivery service with high-quality marijuana that is Californian grown. This homegrown weed is cultivated by the craftiest cannabis cultivators, proud and passionate about their pot. PotValet offers a wider selection of bud, strains, and pot paraphernalia.

  • Goddess Delivers

A great overnight marijuana delivery service in California is Goddess Delivers. By providing overnight shipping, you won’t be left high and dry waiting for your high. Their base is in San Diego and has various offers for their customers

  • Harvest Delivers
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Harvest delivers are well known for their great customer service and offer a clean and simple operation that silently screams convenience. They offer same-day delivery in certain areas and overnight delivery across the Golden State of California.

  • Ganja Runner

Ganja Runner offers a high quality high with a selection of quality marijuana to select from.  They offer some gifts for newbies too!

  •     Blue Bird Delivery

This delivery service only delivers in the San Diego area and the Orange County area. However, if you are in these areas then you are in for a treat as their delivery can take as little as 30 minutes. They are well known for their speedy deliveries and also their quality marijuana as well. They have continuously changing offers so always check the pricing and different options offered.

  • Worldwideweed

This is another delivery service that only services certain areas and some areas are only able for delivery if you upgrade to ‘premium membership’. They do, however, deliver at all hours of the night so if you find yourself high and dry without the high at 2 am then you will be able to have a dank delivery thanks to WorldWideWeb.

  • Carpe Diem Gardens

Only specific areas are covered by this service, so if you want your weed delivered to you outside of Oceanside, Fallbrook, Vista or Carlsbad than beset you contact a delivery service that delivers statewide. This Oceanside-based delivery service is well known for their competitive pricing in the area.

  • Air Budz

This marijuana delivery service also only delivers to selected areas in California, Coachella Valley, and Los Angeles.

  • Greenly
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This marijuana delivery service only offers delivery within the Los Angeles area however they do offer a handy GPS tracking system so you can count down the seconds and watch the GPS dot as you await your weed.

  • HERB

Another smaller-scale delivery service only delivering in the Los Angeles region, this company is well known for their hospitality toward new clients.

  • Metro Bloomin

As we move along the list, the company’s delivery scale gets smaller and smaller. As we see now as we arrive at this marijuana delivery service that operates only within the Downtown Los Angeles area.

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