Our Top 5 Marijuana Loving Celebs

As we’re still a little loved up in the aftermath of Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d take a look at our top crushes of 2016 who have made Cannabis News so far this year.  With these personalities supporting such a great cause, we can have hope for the future of cannabis and medical marijuana in the US.

Carl Hart – Medical Dispensary Research

Dr. Carl Hart is someone who all sapiosexuals can get excited about.  This guy is all brains, as well as being one of the most inspiring cannabis researchers around.  He is not only a professor of psychiatry and psychology, but he is also a neuroscientist.  He is based at the prestigious Columbia University and his specialism is drug research to make sure for example, that the cannabis you buy from the Medical Dispensary is effective and safe.  He is also the first black tenured professor at the university.  If you haven’t yet had the chance to read about his evidence-based research into marijuana, you should definitely check him out.

Jodie Emery – Fighting For Reform

It’s great to know that Jodie Emery, the Canadian pot connoisseur has actually been elected to the position of Director-at-large for the British Columbia Green Party and has run for office on several occasions.  She’s fighting her corner to push for cannabis reform, affordable education and better awareness for the environment.

Cory Booker – Backing Pot In Politics

USA based Cory Booker is just what we want from a politician.  Not only is he good looking, but he’s kind hearted, and dedicated to ending pot prohibition.  He’s not scared to say what’s on his mind and he’s even brought to attention his hypocritical colleagues who refuse to consider changing laws about marijuana but who all use or have used the substance.  He’s already introduced a new act to change the government’s stance on marijuana.

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Sarah Silverman – Serious Commitment From A Comedian

Sarah Silverman is one of America’s wittiest female comedians and she could probably make anyone laugh whether you’re stone cold sober or if you’ve just enjoyed a sweet smoke of your favorite bud.  Silverman is known for taking out her marijuana vapor pen whether the cameras are on her or not and the celebrity has not been shy about her opinion that cannabis is safer than alcohol.  Whilst it’s still a rarity in Hollywood that a celebrity would be so relaxed when it comes to using cannabis, we’re happy that it’s Silverman who’s leading.

Gavin Newsom – Great News For Cannabis In California

Gavin Newsom was Mayor of San Francisco in 2004 and he gained great popularity by giving the go-ahead for many same sex marriages to go ahead.  Once more, he’s back in great favor with the public as he has announced that he has plans to lead the mission to make pot legal across the entire state.  What a guy.

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