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Surviving Coronavirus with Cannabis Parenting

  • The pandemic, riots, national protests, and constant lockdown with family are proving challenging for everybody, especially parents. Surviving today’s news …

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SFV OG: Everything to Know

  • San Fernando Valley is famous. The infamous cannabis breeders, Cali Connection Farms, have been creating cannabis strains from within its …

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Cannabis Jobs Are Helping Students Survive Coronavirus Pandemic

  • COVID-19 has all but destroyed the learning experience. A poll by College Reaction found 22 percent of college students no …

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Why Smoke Only Licensed, Legal Weed in California

  • By now, everyone knows the many medicinal properties of cannabis. Its cannabinoids have therapeutic effects on the body, as do …

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Five States with a Cannabis Ballot This November

  • This year has been trying for every person on earth during these times. In the United States, COVID-19, the sweeping …

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