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Some of the Best Cannabis Strains for Christmas 2020

  • Christmas is days away. However, most are under some type of lockdown. Christmas this year, being the notorious 2020 that …

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Treating Anorexia Naturally with Cannabis

  • Every weed lover knows exactly how it feels to be hungry. Ravenously so. Insatiably. Cannabis stimulates appetite, and it does …

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Historical Moment as United Nations Relaxes Cannabis Schedule

  • In a step reminiscent of massive change, the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs, or CND, moved forward toward legalizing …

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5 Ways Weed Relieves Muscular Spasms

  • Muscle spasms are debilitating. They affect work life, home life, and if severe enough, even relationships with colleagues, friends, and …

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5 Great Cannabis Recipes for Thanksgiving

  • With Thanksgiving nearly here, many are planning their feast. Since cannabis delivery services are legal across California, those feasts might …

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