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Opioid & Cannabinoid Pharmacokinetic Interactions of Cannabis Drug

  • If patients have cancer and feel chronic pain, cancer can become seriously problematic and painful. Some Opioid’s are effective analgesics …

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Sex on Medical Cannabis – Advantages

  • The effect of marijuana on sex is an interesting subject. It depend’s on the person, situation and strain. Marijuana does …

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Relationship between Marijuana and Insomnia

  • To know about Relation between Marijuana and Insomnia, you have to delve into the causation of Insomnia What is Insomnia? …

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Marijuana for Anti Aging – Skin Complexion

  • Medical marijuana has numerous health benefits for the skin if consumed in an appropriate quantity. In the previous article, we discussed …

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Current News on Medical Marijuana or Cannabis

  • There is a great buzz on the establishment of medical marijuana as a legal drug in the last 2 years. …

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