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Positive Effect of Cannabis on the Gut Microbiome

  • The medical and health communities are all abuzz about the gut microbiome. What of its effect on your cannabis delivery? …

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Some Useful Ideas for Extra Bud

  • If you are growing your own cannabis, then this is a time when you might have more than you know …

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Shatter vs. Live Resin: The Ultimate Guide

  • Extraction technologies are forever altering how people use cannabis. They are influencing culture too. The community now has a whole …

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California Grows More Weed Than It Can Sell

  • Today, you can search Google for “weed delivery Los Angeles” and it will give you plenty of quality, tested cannabis …

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5 Ways People Try Passing Drug Tests

  • Cannabis lingers in the bloodstream. Long after searching “weed delivery West Hollywood” in Google. Detoxing yourself can take some time. …

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