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Types of Pain Cannabis Treats Effectively

  • Around 50 million people wake up to some form of recognized pain in the United States every day. That is …

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What is CBG – And Why Is It So Expensive

  • As the market for cannabidiol, or CBD, grows at a rapid pace, companies are paying attention. Innovative brands are now …

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Decarboxylation: What Is It and How to Do It

  • The old film stereotype always comes to mind when explaining decarboxylation. In the film, somebody eats a whole baggie of …

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Understanding Trichomes and Their Function in Cannabis

  • There is much more to cannabis than just what you see. Those tiny crystals that smatter buds and leaves are …

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What are Moon Rocks? And How to Make Your Own

  • Weed lovers are thinking up new, creative ways to consume cannabis nearly every day. Moon rocks are one such inspiration, …

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