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Effective Ways to Neutralize an Intense Cannabis High

  • Any diehard cannabis enthusiast knows what it feels like to consume too much. It is possible to get too high …

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What are the Benefits of Microdosing with Cannabis

  • Microdosing is the ideal way to achieve a focused, yet relaxed buzz. For some, it is the only way to …

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How Marijuana Helps Treat Serious Addictions

  • Across the world, doctors are overprescribing opioids to treat pain, a widespread health issue today. Billions are consuming them daily …

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How to Treat Muscle Spasticity with Marijuana

  • Spasticity, often a symptom of another disease, such as multiple sclerosis, is itself a clinical condition that causes hyperactivity of …

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Terpenes: How They Affect the Human Body

  • Terpenes are what give plants their characteristic smell. They are aromatic molecules found in many plants, including flowers, fruits, vegetables, …

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