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Enhance Your Yoga Routine with Marijuana

  • Yoga may well be one of the best exercises to practice with marijuana. This ancient Indian regimen uses meditation to …

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Cannabis: Ideal Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • “Recreational dispensary near me” is becoming a popular search term. More and more, people are using cannabis to treat their …

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How Marijuana Helps in Brain Development

  • We all grew up listening to everyone telling us to avoid marijuana, with unfounded claims of it killing brain cells, …

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Marijuana: Brief Guide on Seizure Disorders

  • Ever since cannabis became mainstream, accepted by almost everybody, it has morphed into the latest breakthrough in medical science. Cannabis …

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Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Weed

  • Just two or three decades ago, cooking with weed was underground. Nobody really knew about edibles, since the subject itself …

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