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Marijuana: A Safer Way to Treat Social Anxiety

  • Social anxiety disorder, literally called SAD, is extremely frustrating. Debilitating. Soul- and life-destroying. For sufferers, any form of social interaction, …

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Cannabis: A Natural Treatment for Anorexia

  • If you have ever tried cannabis, you likely know all about the “munchies.” An insatiable hunger that empties refrigerators in …

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Natural Benefits of Marijuana for Hair Care

  • If healthy, beautiful hair is on your agenda, which surely it is, then you need to look no further than …

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CVS to Stock CBD in 800 Stores across 8 States

  • America continues to embrace the CBD revolution. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the famous anti-inflammatory cannabinoid making headline news each day. …

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Health Benefits of Marijuana You Probably Never Knew

  • The medical uses of marijuana are many, legendary, and still growing daily. As scientists uncover more information about the therapeutic …

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