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Recreational Marijuana: Effect In the Workplace

  • With more and more states legalizing cannabis, even whole countries too, and a federal relaxing of laws predictable for the …

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10 Benefits of Rick Simpson Oil for Daily Life

  • Rick Simpson oil, or just RSO for short, is forever making headline news. It is the subject of much controversy …

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Marijuana: A Treatment for Bladder Pain Syndrome?

  • Every year, scientists are discovering more and more about the many therapeutic properties of cannabis. From helping to manage pain …

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Does Rick Simpson Oil Really Treat Cancer?

  • One of the most famous cannabis oil products of all time, Rick Simpson oil, or just RSO, frequently makes headline …

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Marijuana for Osteoarthritis – Pros and Cons

  • Over the last few years, scientists have been studying the effects of cannabis on a wide range of medical issues. …

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