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4 Types of Drug Tests for Cannabis

  • Cannabis might be legal in California, and increasingly everywhere else too, but there are still occasions where drug tests might …

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Cannabis Industry Starts Talking Mushrooms

  • The cannabis industry is still fledgling. Much growth still exists for it ahead, with lots of money for cannabusinesses and …

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Using Predatory Bugs to Keep Russet Mites out of Cannabis Grows

  • Almost nobody had heard of Aculops cannibicola until recently. Back in 2017, A. cannibicola, or the Hemp Russet Mite, suddenly appeared, …

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3 Weed Growing Tips to Ensure Regulatory Compliance

  • Growing cannabis, although easy enough, can get quite involved. This is especially true when cultivating in a regulated market, which …

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Chuck Schumer Announces Cannabis Bill to End Federal Prohibition

  • U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, after many long months of speculation, finally revealed his highly anticipated cannabis bill, which …

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