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Tips to Save Money on Cannabis

  • Weed is expensive. There is no way around that fact. Everybody must make a profit, with the local government taking …

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Benefits of Marijuana for Healthy Living

  • States are legalizing. One by one, they are all succumbing to public demand and promise of economic emancipation. However, one …

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7 Perks of Morning Edibles

  • Nobody disputes the medical benefits of cannabis anymore, so vast is the number of studies proving its therapeutic properties. However, …

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How Marijuana Treats Scleroderma?

  • A rare autoimmune disorder, scleroderma devastates connective tissues and displays itself in thickening skin, sudden, spontaneous scarring, vascular conditions, inflammation, …

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Marijuana: Treating Opioid Use

  • Millions of people are using opioid drugs to treat pain in the United States, possibly billions around the world. Prescribed …

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