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Not All Pot Products Legal under New Canadian Law

  • A primary market of the marijuana industry in Canada will remain illegal for at least another year after the federal …

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One in Five Pot Samples Fail First Tests in California

  • The California Bureau of Cannabis Control just released data from its first batch of recreational marijuana tests since new safety …

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New York Group to Draft Legislation for Recreational Weed

  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo just took the state another step closer toward legalizing marijuana recreationally. He announced on Thursday …

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Lawmakers Urged to Act after Methuen Woman Fired for Pot Smoking

  • Since Massachusetts legalized the use of recreational marijuana, it should be perfectly okay for adults that are 21-years and older …

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Recreational Pot Booming Business for States

  • Back in Great Barrington, leaders think those jobs will help the local area: “From an economic point of view, legalizing …

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