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Will Lawmakers Bow to Public Pressure and Legalize?

  • In an ordinary week in June, advocates for legalization celebrated two notable victories: A Democrat in the Senate decided to …

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Health-Conscious Folks Ditching Alcohol for Marijuana

  • For more than 80 years, alcohol trade in the United States has enjoyed no competition whatsoever, not in any real …

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Pot Lovers Celebrate Michigan Not Legalizing Weed Just Yet

  • This Tuesday, state legislature in Michigan considered a law briefly that would have made recreational cannabis legal completely for adults …

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Conservatives Lose Bid to Blanket Ban Homegrown Cannabis

  • The Senate recently rejected an attempt to ban everyone in Canada from growing a few cannabis plants at home when …

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Marijuana Legalization Changing Rental Rules in Alberta

  • With Canada about to open its legal cannabis market, all manner of citizens are getting ready for it. Renters, in …

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