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Monterey Voters Approve Six-Month Pot Moratorium

  • Voters in Monterey approved their budget, made a few amendments, had a robust conversation and chose not to invite cannabis …

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Effects of Weed on Your Daily Workout

  • The latest trend among exercise fanatics is controversial. More people are smoking pot before each workout routine. This seems more …

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Cheaper to Buy Marijuana Online in Canada than in the United States

  • You may find Canadians south of the border pillaging outlet malls and buy marijuana online, cigarettes in bulk, but where …

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Zimbabwe Welcomes Marijuana Delivery Service

  • Zimbabwe made a landmark announcement last week to legalize marijuana for medical use and research in a countrywide legal notice. …

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Tax Trim for Cannabis in Monterey

  • A significant tax cut was recently supported by a cannabis committee in the Monterey County. Last week Monday saw a …

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