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Best Storage Tips for Keeping Marijuana Fresh

  • As an organic material, marijuana degrades quickly if left to the elements. Even if not, it still degrades over time. …

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7 Essential Therapeutic Benefits of Marijuana

  • By now, we are all learning about the many, many medicinal properties of marijuana. It seems scientists are discovering more …

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The Economic Benefits of Legalizing Cannabis

  • Because of the controversial Presidential election of 2016, many people missed the fact that several other crucial decisions occurred at …

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Recreational Marijuana: How It Affects Your Health?

  • The myriad effects of weed on the body have long been a discussion for scientists, but now, with sweeping legalization …

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Finding the Best Cannabis Dispensary in Santa Barbara

  • With marijuana now legal across California, getting your hands on some remains an overwhelming endeavor, especially in Santa Barbara. There …

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