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Surprising Effects of Terpenes on the Body

  • Some plants smell good. Some plants smell bad. They all smell, though, and cannabis is no exception. The molecules responsible …

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Just What Are Cannabis Ratios and How to Read Them

  • As weed becomes more acceptable to mainstream society, even lauded by it, cultivators and scientists are breeding new strains and …

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Just What Are Cannabis Flavonoids?

  • Cannabis was quite a mystery until really very recently. Nobody knew too much about it. Of course, you knew its …

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Will a Cannabis Tolerance Break Make You High Again?

  • Over time, heavy cannabis users will develop some tolerance to its effects. No matter how much cannabis delivery you order, …

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7 Growing Tips for Perfect Bud

  • With New York recently legalizing cannabis, with other states soon to follow, and with federal authorities talking serious reform, there …

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