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Top 5 Strains with the Highest THC Content

  • Not all cannabis is the same. There exist thousands of strains, most available through a marijuana delivery service, all with …

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What is Purple Weed, and How Does It Turn Purple

  • Everybody is talking about purple buds these days. It is the latest buzzword, and growers are doing everything they can …

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What is Kief? And How to Use It

  • Ever wondered about what those small, sticky crystals are that cover your buds. It is pollen, otherwise called dry sift …

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Effective Ways to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

  • Germination, or popping, refers to the process of a plant sprouting from seed. It is the first step you will …

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Top Energetic Strains for Camping

  • It is the season for camping. With winter around the corner, if you have not yet taken full advantage of …

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