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Why Covid-19 Has Marijuana Delivery Booming

  • With cannabis deemed essential service, business is booming in California. Specifically, marijuana delivery flourishes unhindered, even encouraged. Covid-19 is keeping …

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How Weed Works Against Diabetes

  • The scientific discoveries of cannabis continue apace. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration approved a cannabinoid-based epilepsy treatment already. Research …

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How Marijuana Helps Destroy Leukemia Cells

  • People have been using cannabis for centuries. For various reasons, including health. Its prohibition is but a blimp in its …

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Impact of Coronavirus on California’s Cannabis Market

  • Sars-Cov-2, informally Coronavirus or Covid-19, is wreaking havoc across the globe. Nobody is immune to its economic impact, from now-closed …

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Are Pot Smokers At Higher Risk for Coronavirus?

  • Although much evidence exists proving marijuana a powerful bronchodilator, experts recommend toking less, not at all, while Covid-19 rages. For …

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