People Who Smoke Weed Have Smaller Waistlines!

Marijuana Metabolism

Medical studies have shown that people who smoke weed are far less likely to suffer from obesity than those who don’t. So, if you fall into that overweight category of the population who is trying to shed fat pounds, read on…

The effects of marijuana on the human metabolism has been the subject of research for several decades and one of those, dating back 40 years ago, found that people who smoked pot had faster metabolic rates. The outcome of this study was printed in the American Review of Respiratory Diseases and the findings remain unchanged by current scientific research.

In 2013, the Harvard Medical School studied marijuana use and insulin resistance (IR) and the most important finding, according to Professor Murray Mittleman, was that current pot users displayed a better carbohydrate metabolism than people who didn’t smoke weed. They also had smaller waistlines than their abstainer counterparts! This, said Mittleman, was significant as bad health weight implications were packed on the waistline, rather than when carried on other body parts.

Two other peer studies also found that cannabis boosts human metabolisms.

A study of marijuana’s impact on obesity found that weed smokers statistically had lower body mass indexes (BMI), lower fat mass percentages, lower fasting insulin, and lower IR (insulin resistance).

The other study was published in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse and found that cannabis users were less likely to be overweight andhad the lowest rate of obesity.

So, analyzing these studies clearly points to the fact the marijuana speeds up the human metabolism and lowers the chances of weight gain.

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What is the metabolism?

If you are one of those people who pack on the pounds just by simply looking at a cream cake, perhaps you should first try to understand what the metabolic rate and system are all about.

Think of the metabolism as a set of chemical reactions that are vital to sustaining the development and growth of any living organism. Humans need the energy to function and to survive and derive this fuel source from consuming food. Did you know, for example, that your body burns calories even while you are asleep? This metabolic process of breaking down the food you’ve eaten is called catabolic, while the process that creates the proteins and other forms of sustenance needed by your body is called the anabolic process.

These processes, such as the metabolic rate and energy expenditures, measure the number of calories needed by your body to perform its basic functions, including blood circulation and cell repair.

Apart from smoking weed, there are two factors that can help you to speed up your metabolism – you can build muscle by eating a healthy diet. But, unfortunately, there are metabolic impacts over which you have no control such as your age and your gender.

However, the assumption that thin people have faster metabolisms is somewhat over-simplified, according to Mayo Clinic endocrinologist, Professor Michael Jensen, who points out that there are just as many skinny people with low metabolisms as their weightier counterparts. Apart from metabolic rates, other weight-gaining factors include hormone levels, stress and the amount of quality sleep enjoyed by an individual.

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The munchies and smaller waistlines

No one can blame you for thinking that it’s somewhat ironic that people who smoke weed have smaller waistlines, particularly as they can wolf down mountains of food when stoned and suffering from a serious bout of the munchies. But then Professor Mittleman’s research proved that pot smokers burn carbohydrates at a faster rate.

However, in her answer to a question about whether pot does, in fact, speed up the metabolic processes, Alice replied that when something appears to be too good to be true, then it usually is!

Alice goes on to say that claims that weed speeds up the metabolism have been disputed by other studies which have found that smoking marijuana can actually lead to weight gain.

She says the body’s cannabinoid receptor system is a pleasure-seeker and when high, aromas and cravings for sweet treats can have you rushing to the refrigerator. Backing up these claims is the fact that research has found that marijuana is prescribed for HIV/AIDS sufferers to help them gain weight.

Bad diets

A diet containing excess sugar levels can lead to diabetes and accelerated aging.

A diet with too much salt can result in high blood pressure and osteoporosis.

And if your diet contains too much fat, this could herald the onset of cancer and heart disease.

So, at the end of the day, you may ask yourself the question: doobie or not doobie! But should you decide that smoking weed will help you to speed up your metabolism, look no further than a reputable online cannabis delivery company to serve your needs. And if you live in California, then you will find just what you need from a marijuana delivery Santa Monica -based company.

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