Popular Strains of Marijuana That You Should Be Aware of

Marijuana Strain

When you visit a marijuana dispensary for the first time, you are likely to get confused by the many options you have. It is possible to find different varieties of strains in the dispensary available for sale. It is crucial to know your condition before you can get the right strain. Depending on your condition you can enjoy certain strains better than using others. So, what are some of the best and popular strains of marijuana? Below you get to know more about such strains.

Strawberry Cough

You can get the strawberry cough strain from almost any marijuana store online. It is often liked thanks to its sweet strawberry smell. The cough is because the users often tend to cough upon inhaling it. It comes with sativa as the dominant component important for giving you the uplifting experience. Anyone using this strain is going to feel happy, uplifted and euphoria.

If you are in the market for a strain to promote social activity, you can definitely go for this one. It will also help you manage anxiety and other different types of stress. It will not make your mind go crazy and lead you to cause problems, but rather helps you maintain calmness.

Blue Dream

The Blue Dream strain is quite the iconic one in the world of marijuana. Any California marijuana store online would have this strain. It is often used as a parent for generating other strains on the market today. It is generally famous for having gentle and leveling effects. You can find many amateurs and veteran users finding it great for multiple uses.

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As for the smell, it will feel like you are eating sweet berries. The high THC content in the strain makes it useful for handling various medical needs. Some of the medical uses include nausea, depression, stress, fatigue, and headaches.

OG Kush

The OG Kush is relatively new, and you might not find a lot of data about it. That being said, you can get this strain gaining popularity, especially in California. What makes it notable is the high concentration of THC level and Indica dominant. It is quite strong and thus might not be great for the first time users.

Even if it might be strong, it gives off the effect of happiness and peace all the time. It is characterized by having a dark green color with bits of purple shades and additional fluffy buds. As for the medical uses, the OG Kush is great for depression, anxiety, mild pain, and insomnia.

Space Queen

Now that you can buy marijuana from online stores, then you may want to consider the Space Queen Strain. This type of strain has gained the legendary status thanks to its effects when used. You will also notice the fruity aroma and powerful potency each time you get to use it. If you compare data from different sources, this is the most sought-after hybrid strain.

Even if it is a hybrid, it promises impressive relaxation thanks to its fast acting nature. It should be great for numbing pain because of various medical conditions. Some even use it to help deal with the loss of appetite.

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Maui Wowie

This is one of the ancient strains you can buy from a California marijuana store online. It has quite the best history when it comes to its performance among cannabis users. The high THC content is important for creating that uplifting effect. It originated from Hawaii and thus the name. Its sweet pineapple and sometimes citrus flavor makes it likable to many users.

Its effects can make it great for even the first time users. They should have an easy time using it without so much side effects. You can use it for treating anxiety, mild pains and migraines, eating disorders, and depression.

Knock Out Strain

Just from the name Knock Out, you might think that it is something that can easily knock you out but is not always the case. It is an incredibly powerful strain with a very pleasant smell. Its smell comprises of pineapple and diesel undertones. Even if it does not knock you out, it will definitely give you a sense of calmness all the time. It is a good way to get yourself relaxing after a tough day at work.

Since it has little Indica properties, it will not be great for treating chronic pain, but rather impressive for recreational using. Some use it for depression, anxiety, and stress.

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