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Afghan Kush


Afghan Kush

If you have enjoyed to smoke weed, the chances are that you must have heard of the Afghan Kush. This strain is known for having a heavy-bodied high that could be useful in various ways. It is also used for creating new marijuana strain by crossing it with other phenotypes and strains. There is no doubt that you will like it as a great pure indica strain. Yes, it does not have traces of sativa, so if you need pure indica strain, you now know which one to choose. The strain can be traced back to the Hindu Kush mountain range, but now it has been perfected over the years to be the best.

The Afghan Kush seeds now being sold worldwide were first created by Sensi Seeds. The company engineered the plant genetics until it was perfect and making it easy for any person to grow it. The strain is among the best you can buy today if you need something for relaxing. It can relax even those who are always stressed out because of work related issues.

This is not your usual strain when it comes to its potency. It has to be consumed sparingly for those who might not be used to strong marijuana. It is possible that you get the couchlock syndrome. This is where you are too relaxed because of the high that you do not need to get from the couch. The strain is often seen as the best fun you will ever get while high. It can still be used to relax people who are always stressed. This is because the strain gives a certain euphoric strain that you are going to like. Expect to keep giggling all the time when you are high on this strain.

Afghan Kush has the best smooth high you might have ever experienced before. It is all about relaxing you as it will slowly creep into your body without hitting you hard. For most people, they always end up having positive thoughts even when they have it rough for a while now. You might just end up in a blissful slumber when using this strain. This just goes on to show that the strain is great for those having insomnia problems.

The fragrance you get from using the strain is quite refreshing. It gives you a rich fragrance with some earthiness to it. It should make the room appealing to sit in once you start smoking. This is unlike other strains that you might have to smoke outdoors because of the smell. You will also get to note a bit of sweet and floral scent to it. It should make the whole experience of smoking it interesting and exotic.

If you want to grow it outdoors, the strain likes growing in the balmy Mediterranean climate. You could always use the indoor method where you can control the various conditions. The strain can give you a generous yield, which many people should like. It is also highly resistant to common pests, molds, and parasites.

Why patients use the Afghan Kush strain

This is one popular strain among the doctors. They all understand the many benefits that the strain can offer. It is not just the high THC level, apparently the strain also has high CBD levels. This is mostly what makes it favored by doctors. It could be used commonly for treating migraines and headaches. You should be comfortable on your couch and not worrying about headaches anymore. The same strain comes in handy for handling muscle spasms, chronic pain, period cramps, and many other uses.

Medical uses of the Afghan Kush strain

Chronic pain

Side effects of the Afghan Kush strain

Dry eyes

Information about the Afghan Kush strain


Indica 100%


The parents of Afghan Kush strain are unknown

Stoned meter

It gets an impressive score of 9 on our stoned meter

THC level

It has a THC level of 21%


The breeder of the strain is unknown

Flowering Time

It takes an average of 7 to 8 weeks for the strain to flower

Ideal Growing Method

Growing it indoors is seen as the ideal method

Plant Height

It has a medium plant height


It will give you a high yield

Growing skills

It is easy to grow with basic skills

Potential problems

No potential problems have been reported


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