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What comes to your mind when you hear this name might be the gun, a place or even a fruit. Well, if you want something to be popular, you have to be creative with the naming. That is what the breeder had to do. You might at first think of the AK-47 strain or rifle, but just know that the two do not have anything in common. The original breeder of the strain is yet to be identified. The best part is that we already know the genetics of the strain. It was created by crossing Ice and Jock Horror strains. You might have smoked the parent strains separately before, but the AK48 is what the two taste when combined. It is believed that the strain has its roots in Amsterdam and was developed in the 90s.

As much as the AK47 and AK48 are from different genetics, the two are known for having impressive THC levels. The strain comes with a slow cerebral onset when smoking it. If you like a slow hitting high, then you know what to smoke from today. The strain on the overall is indica dominant, but the sativa effects tend to kick in first. This means that within a short time, you should have uplifted moods and energy. Most users would be having the happy feeling and giggling in no time. The strain also gives you the creative cerebral stimulation.

With the sativa effects settling in, you can expect indica effects to hit you now. This is where you get to feel the calming relaxation. You will also end up with a mild body buzz. This just shows that even if you get high, you will always have a clear head and it does not leave you with the couchlock syndrome. You can easily get around without a problem.

When it comes to the fragrance, the strain is definitely strong. It comes with a prominent odor that can still be smelt in the room even after you finish smoking the strain. As much as it can be a prominent odor, it should be pleasing to any cannabis user. You will smell a sweet, tropical, and fruity scent coming from the strain while smoking. It is also likely to give off spicy and skunky undertones of earth and pine in the scent. The flavor of the strain is quite as interesting as the aroma. When you get to smoke the strain, you will taste a blend of citrus and sweet flavors. It is possible to get more people smoking it just for the taste.

Growing should not be hard. The strain is said to be easy to grow even for the novice growers. You can easily cultivate it indoors or outdoors without a problem. If you are going to grow it outdoors, make sure the location is away from neighbors as the strain can give off an overwhelming odor. Such odor could lead to unwanted attention. As for indoors, the SOG method could come in handy to ensure that the conditions are correctly adjusted. If you are growing it indoors, expect the flowering to be done by the 8th week. It can give you a moderate yield that many people would love.

Why patients use the AK48 strain

Its CBD levels might not be the best for those suffering from seizures, but that does not mean the other patients cannot use it. The strain is appropriate for those who need to deal with stress and depression symptoms. You should start having a clear mind when you get to use the strain for such conditions. If you are having an eating disorder, this strain can help you deal with loss of appetite.

Medical uses of the AK48 strain

Loss of appetite

Side effects of the AK48 strain

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Information about the AK48 strain


Indica 65% and Sativa 35%


Ice and Jock Horror

Stoned meter

The strain comes with an average score of 7 on our stoned meter

THC level

The strain has a THC level of 20%


The breeder of the strain is unknown

Flowering Time

It can take 8 weeks for it to flower

Ideal Growing Method

The SOG is seen as the ideal method to grow it

Plant Height

It comes with a medium plant height


It has a medium yield

Growing skills

You will need basic growing skills

Potential problems

No potential problems have been reported


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