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Alien Blues


Alien Blues

The Alien Blue strain is seen as the most pleasant tasting strain you could buy today. It is possible that such strains exist, but this one will get you hooked in no time. It is a hybrid strain with equal indica and sativa ratio. This means that you will always get to enjoy the best of both compounds. Such a balance should appeal to many people who need to get the indica and sativa effects in equal measure. This means that the strain will keep you high enough, but still keeps you having a clear head all the time. Even with all these good benefits, we cannot credit to a breeder as it has remained a secret for years. We are lucky to trace the Alien Blues strain to Blueberry and Alien Bubba as the parents. These two strains also have quite the reputation for being good.

As much as it is good tasting, you can expect to keep smoking it more often. That is not the only that will get you to like the strain. It is also great when it comes to its high. The smooth high will not hit you hard. It tends to creep on the user before you can be high. Such type of high liked by many people who are still new to smoking. With a THC level of 17%, this is still a potent strain. It will give you the right high that you can love all the time. Depending on your tolerance, sometimes you can be left relaxing on the couch or you could still be active.

The strain could be good for both daytime and nighttime users. If you have had issues with sleeping before, you could benefit from using this strain. It will help you with relaxation so that you can sleep easily. For some people, the strain also gives them a sense of clarity and creativity. If you had trouble working on a project, you will get that solutions keep coming to you once high on the strain.

Just as explained before, the strain is known for smelling and tasting nice. It is possible that you might have smoked a strain before that would have required opening all the windows because of a nasty smell. That will not happen with this strain. It boasts of having an earthy scent with a hint of fruit. Your rooms should smell nice all the time when smoking the strain. When it comes to the taste, you will be like its smoothness thanks to fruity taste. There is no doubt you will want to smoke it more often due to its smell and taste.

Growing it might need a bit of experience. The strain will need a lot of maintenance before you can start harvesting. You might have to keep pruning and trimming for it to grow properly. That should not scare you since if you have done some gardening before, it should not be a problem at all. If it is cared for well, you can expect to get a high yield in the end. It is best if you can grow it indoors to get the best yield.

Why patients use the Alien Blues strain

With its impressive effects, it is possible to see why many patients would be comfortable to use the strain. The strain is mostly used for treating symptoms related to chronic pain and anxiety. This is mostly because of its numbing effect. When the pain is numbed, then you can work on other things without a problem. The strain is also good for patients with insomnia problems. You can now have a great night’s sleep without much trouble.

Medical uses of the Alien Blues strain

Chronic pain

Side effects of the Alien Blues strain

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Information about the Alien Blues strain


Indica 50% and Sativa 50%


Blueberry and Alien Bubba

Stoned meter

It gets an average score of 8 on our stoned meter

THC level

It comes with a THC level of 17%


The breeder of the strain is unknown

Flowering Time

It takes 9 weeks to flower

Ideal Growing Method

You can use the SOG method to grow it

Plant Height

It comes with a medium plant height


The plant has a moderate yield

Growing skills

You need experience to grow the strain

Potential problems

There are no potential problems that have been reported


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