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Alien Dawg


Alien Dawg

Alien Dawg is another strange and popular marijuana strain you could possibly buy today. The strain has many people excited thanks to its name. It should definitely get you thinking more about what the strain could do if you decided to use it today. It is possible that some strains are named this way to entice the users to pick it. Others would be named depending on the parents. This one for sure takes a bit of both scenarios. The strain is created from crossing Alien Technology and Chemdawg strains. These two on their own give you impressive effects that you will always like.

Since both parents of the strain are highly potent, you can expect that this one would also have the same effects. With THC levels of up to 20%, this is among the best strains you could use. Being a strong strain, novice users might want to take it slow at first. You simply have to use the right dose and you will get to like the effects that you get. The strain can easily get you in the relaxing state in no time. The best part is that it does not come with the sedative effect. It is only in high doses that the strain could induce sleepiness.

The strain is great when it comes to promoting the strong feeling of euphoria. There is no doubt that the users would end up feeling highly creative after smoking the strain. It will also help with improving the mood when using this strain. The Alien Dawg strain could also make you talkative and sociable. There is no doubt that you will like such a feeling.

There is the fragrance that might also attract you to using the strain. The delightful combination of the fragrances from the parent strains gives you something new. You will get to smell a sweet and piney undertone as the scent. The scent has traces of sour smell just like the Chemdawg strain. The flavor is not any different either as it is appealing and interesting. You will get a spicy undertone and earthy taste of pine when it comes to the flavor.

As for the cultivation, the strain is relatively easier to grow. It can easily be cultivated indoors or outdoors. There is no much information about what is needed when it comes to growing it outdoors, so it is always better to grow it indoors. The use of indoor cultivation could also need a bit of experience to make sure that you have all the right conditions. The plant tends to grow bushy, so make sure to take the time to do some pruning, and other maintenance types needed.

It should take an average of 8 to 10 weeks for flowering to occur. With flowering, it means it is time for harvesting. There is not much about the yield of the strain, but you could expect a moderate yield based on various reviews about the strain.

Why patients use the Alien Dawg strain

With many strains available today that can provide medical benefits, this strain has come out as being good to win the hearts of many patients. It does just fine for the patients thanks to a high CBD level. There might be other strains with higher CBD levels that it, but it has managed to be quite useful too. The relaxing effect is going to appeal to those with stress and depression symptoms. Being a mild sedative, it could be great for inducing sleep in people with insomnia problems.

Medical uses of the Alien Dawg strain


Side effects of the Alien Dawg strain

Dry mouth

Information about the Alien Dawg strain


Indica 70% and Sativa 30%


Alien Tech and Chemdawg

Stoned meter

It manages a score of 7 on our stoned meter

THC level

The strain has a THC level of 20%


The breeder of the strain is unknown

Flowering Time

It takes 8 to 10 weeks for flowering to occur

Ideal Growing Method

Indoors is the ideal growing method for the strain

Plant Height

It comes with a medium plant height


Medium yield is expected

Growing skills

Having basic growing skills should be enough to get started

Potential problems

No potential problems have been reported about the strain


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