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Apollo 13


Apollo 13

You might have heard about the space mission Apollo 13, but this time round we are talking about the marijuana strain. Well, in a way it should keep you high for you to feel like you are in space. The Apollo 13 marijuana strain is sativa dominant meaning it gives a mental high. Such a high is important for creative thinking. For most people, such marijuana strains would not impair them as they will keep to remain aware of their surroundings. Well, just remember that there is a tolerance to every high, since when that tolerance is breached, you can expect to be crazy high.

You might have not come across this type of strain and it is simply because the strain is rare. Since its creation, many cultivators are always looking for it. It is believed to have been bred by the Brothers Grimm using two amazing marijuana strains. The parents for Apollo 13 strain are Princess 75 and Jack Herer which are all great strains. The breeder initially released only 500 seeds and thus effort of getting the seeds were hugely hampered. But do not worry as it has now spread around the world and you could land yourself some seeds easily today.

As for the effects, this could be the easiest way for you to go to space. The Apollo 13 strain gives you an amazing time whenever you get to use it. When the mental high kicks in, for sure you will feel good. Well, it is something that you can expect the sativa dominant strains to do. When the high intensifies, most users will start to feel happy and euphoric. Another thing you should note is the increase in energy. It is like drinking your money coffee and then the energy kicks in.

The strain will still help you keep a clear mind at all times. You will now have an easier time to focus may be on a project. Another effect is that you start being giggly and sociable. For those who might be unsocial would just start opening up more often. Talk of getting confidence after using the joint.

The Apollo 13 strain gives you a very peppery and earthy smell when smoking it. It is also interesting that you might notice a sour tone of citrus in the same fragrance. The fragrance is strong, so it might come off as too much sometimes.

So long as you have the right equipment, you should find growing this strain being quite a delight. It does not need a lot of work and thus can appeal to many people. With just basic maintenance and attention, you should have yourself a good yield at the end of the flowering time. Even newbies tend to like it for such a stellar performance. With not much information about the strain, you can learn other growing tips as you continue to cultivate it.

Why patients use the Apollo 13 strain

One thing that stands out for many patients is the ability to enhance your creativity levels with the strain. This of course works for many people who might need something to boost their creativity. Another great use would be helping the patients deal with headaches. It will numb the pain so that you feel okay after a massive headache. It can still be great for other ailments such as stress and depression. If you are always stressed, the strain will make you feel happy which is a good thing. It could also be used to deal with any fatigue you might have.

Medical uses of the Apollo 13 strain


Side effects of the Apollo 13 strain

Dizzy in high doses
Cotton mouth

Information about the strain


Sativa 85% and Indica 15%


Princess 75 and Phenotype of Jack Herer

Stoned meter

The strain manages to score an average of 8.8 on our stoned meter

THC level

It comes with a THC level of 18%


The breeder for the Apollo 13 strain is Brother Grimm

Flowering Time

It can take 7 to 8 weeks for flowering to occur

Ideal Growing Method

You can grow it both indoors and outdoors

Plant Height

It has a medium height for its plants


Expect to have a high yield with this strain

Growing skills

It needs basic cultivating skills

Potential problems

There are no major problems that have been reported about the strain


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