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Assassin OG


Assassin OG

You could always use something strong depending on what you are in the mood for. This strain boasts of being strong thanks to the indica dominant effects it has to offer. This is also thanks to the parents, which have a strong relation to the Original OG Kush. The actual lineage seems to be a mystery that has been kept a secret by the breeder. The breeder of the strain is Dr. Greenthumb Laboratories which still has a reputation for making the best strains for years. The strain is characterized by having medium to large buds. This means that you have the chance of ending up with a high yield easily when growing it.

As for the effects, this strain is designed to be felt deep in the body’s core. This is because of the dominant indica effects. It seems as if the breeder was aiming for a total knockout when it comes to using this strain. That seems to be the case always as those use it will end up having a deep knockout at some point. You want to go easy on it as the strain can be strong. If you are a beginner, then you need to take it slow for the first few sessions. Such effects are likely to give you the couchlock syndrome. Thus, the strain would be best for evenings. This is when you are done with work and you just want to relax at home.

It is expected that the strain’s high can last for about 3 hours. There is no doubt that you will like the 3 hours of pure high. The high will also give you sedation waves that are great for you to relax. If you use it as a patient, then you need to have a high tolerance to stay active.

As for the aroma, you will note that it has a deep lemon petrol musk. It also comes with intense candied undertones that you will also love. The same aroma is what you taste when inhaling the smoke from the marijuana strain. Since the strain was organically grown the taste and aroma will always make you to crave more for the strain. You are also like to love the taste on exhalation. It gives you a pungent and lemon lime taste when you exhale the smoke. It is something intriguing to feel all the different tastes when using the strain.

As for the growing part, you should not have much problem with it. Most people who have grown it agree it is easy to get it done. It might need just a few maintenances but they are easy to handle. If you have basic gardening skills, then you should be good to go. It is recommended that you grow it indoors using the SOG method. This makes sure that you have the right conditions for the strain to grow properly. Taking the time to do some pruning and trimming should ensure that you end up with the best yield in the end. Expect to get a high yield with the strain.

Why patients use the Assassin OG strain

There is no doubt that many patients today would want to get something to help with various medical conditions. For this strain, it works wonders for people who are in pain. If you face pain symptoms, it is time to try this strain and see how it works. You will always be relived all the time. It can also work to help reduce nausea. If you have eating disorders, then this strain will help with stimulating your appetite once again.

Medical uses of the Assassin OG strain

Chronic pain
Loss of appetite

Side effects of the Assassin OG strain

Dry mouth

Information about the Assassin OG strain


Indica 90% and Sativa 10%


The parents of the strain are unknown

Stoned meter

The strain gets an impressive score of 8 on our stoned meter

THC level

The strain comes with a THC level of 15%


Dr. Greenthumb Laboratories

Flowering Time

It can take 8 to 9 weeks to flower

Ideal Growing Method

It is advisable to grow it indoors

Plant Height

The plant has a medium height


The strain comes with an average yield

Growing skills

You need basic skills when it comes to growing the strain

Potential problems

No potential problems have been reported


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