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Avalon is a common marijuana strain that you are likely to get in any marijuana store or dispensary. The reason mostly is that the strain is seen to be easy to grow as compared to other common strains. It is an indica dominant strain, so expect some strong high when using it. As for the ratio, the strain comes with indica at 75% and sativa 25%. The best part is that it is bread by Next Generation Seed Company. The company is known for bringing us some of the weed strains we enjoy today. The parents of the strain are DJ Short’s Blueberry and F2. You will definitely like the kind of high you get with the strain after a few hits.

Talking about the high, you should easily note its effect after a few minutes of smoking it. Those who have used it claim it is often too strong. This is all due to its high potency. The high potency is relative to the high THC level of 23%. If you are a newbie, consider taking it slow with such kind of strain. It can keep you high for several hours. You might be high for about 3 hours, which is quite effective for many people. Most pot users recommend using vaporizers for this strain. You should feel the high kicking in immediately when using vaporizers.

What about the smell? It gives you sweet and pine aroma each time you smoke it. Your room will be filled with some nice aroma and not many people would know it is pot. The same goes for the flavor as you will note a hash, pine and nutty flavors all mixed into one strain.

The strain on overall gives you a heavy sedative effect on your body and mind. You might want to smoke it in the evening once you are done with work. No one wants to get into trouble with the boss when high at work. Such a high would be great for you to deal with issues such as stress and anxiety. For several hours, you will have a chance to forget about your troubles. It also has many other uses when it comes to treatment of patients. Some people have claimed that the strain makes them aroused, which is not bad at all. You will definitely feel giggly and happy due to the sedative effect.

The Avalon strain can easily grow in different climate conditions. Of course it has a sweet spot climate, but most people often find it easy to grow it anywhere. It is advisable to grow it indoors where the conditions can be controlled. When you grow it at the right temperature, expect it to produce a high yield. The best part is that the plant is resistant to mold and fungi. These are the worst enemies of any marijuana strain. It can grow up to a height of 6 feet and will take 45 days to flower.

Why patients use the Avalon strain

The high sedative nature comes in handy for those looking to numb their pain. This means that it comes in handy to deal with chronic pain. You could still use the same to deal with depression and stress. You can now have a chance to be happy for hours when you are high. The same can be used for treating those with lack of appetite. You will definitely feel hungry once you are done smoking this pot. If you had trouble eating, you should be back to normal eating once again.

Medical uses of the Avalon strain

Chronic pain
Loss of appetite

Side effects of the Avalon strain


Information about the Avalon strain


Indica 75% and Sativa 25%


DJ Short’s Blueberry and F2

Stoned meter

It gets an impressive 9 on our stoned meter

THC level

It has a THC level of 23%


Next Generation Seed Company

Flowering Time

The strain can take up to 45 days to flower

Ideal Growing Method

Indoors or outdoors as the strain performs well in various conditions

Plant Height

The plant height of the strain can reach 6 feet


It comes with a high yield

Growing skills

Having basic gardening skills should be enough to help you grow the strain

Potential problems

No major problems have been reported about using this type of strain


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