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This sativa dominant strain should give you the best high but still at the same time keep you alert. That is the good thing about sativa strains. They will always give you a clear-mind and at the same time give you the right high to help you forget your troubles. This is not any different with its many effects when it comes to smoking the strain. Being a hybrid, it also comes with some indica effects. They are the one responsible for keeping smiling while high thanks to the euphoria effect. As much as we would want to know its genetics, the breeders have made it a secret. There might be guesses, but all of them have managed to pinpoint the accurate parents of the strain. Even the breeders for the strain are unknown.

The strain on the overall is rare. Not many shops selling the marijuana seeds will have this type of strain. This has often made it impossible to know the exact THC level. From several tests conducted, they show an average THC level of 18%. For such a level, it shows that the strain is relatively strong, but just enough for most people. This is the reason you get those who love less potent strains opting for it.

You are also likely to experience some great effects such as burst in energy levels. This is great for those who need to deal with fatigue while at work. Whenever you feel down, the strain gets you working once again. The strain also has some cerebral effects. This means that you get to think clearly and better than before. It is why most artists would use it to help unlock their minds. The best part is that the high can kick in faster, but still smoothly. It is not like the indica counterparts that would have a hard hitting high.

The strain features a sweet smell. This is what you would want especially when smoking in a closed room. It also has a bit of mocha smell to it. If you like such types of smell, then you should have a good time smoking it. This strain also does not cause you to cough while smoking. The smoke is described as being smooth. Well, as for the taste, you are looking to get something fruity too. The same goes for the aftertaste in your mouth as you exhale. You should feel that the strain leaves a good smell in your mouth.

Growing this strain might need a person who knows how to grow marijuana. A bit of experience is necessary to help you with the basic maintenance of the strain. It will need a bit of pruning and trimming before harvest time. Expect that the seeds might be expensive as the strain is rare. Make sure to give it the right conditions for it to grow. This might mean growing the strain indoors in a controlled environment.

It is likely to take around 9 to 10 weeks for the flowering to happen. It is not a long time for you to wait to enjoy a bit of great marijuana strain. It is considered to have a moderate yield as compared to the other strains.

Why patients use the Bedrock strain

A strain that leaves patients with a clear mind is often going to get a lot of love for medicinal use. The common conditions that the strain can treat include anxiety, chronic stress, and depression. If you are always suffering from these conditions, now you know how to deal with them today. That is not all as it can be used for people who are always fatigued. The energy bursts you get from the strain should get you going at work.

Medical uses of the Bedrock strain


Side effects of the Bedrock strain

Dry mouth

Information about the Bedrock strain


Sativa 80% and Indica 20%


The parents for the strain are unknown

Stoned meter

It scores an impressive 7.5 on our stoned meter

THC level

The strain comes with a THC level of 18%


The breeder for the strain is unknown

Flowering Time

It can take 9 to 10 weeks to flower

Ideal Growing Method

It is recommended that you grow it indoors

Plant Height

It has a medium plant height  


It has a medium yield

Growing skills

You need to be a bit experienced to grow it

Potential problems

No potential problems have been reported on using the strain


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