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Big Bud


Big Bud

Whenever you look at the name of a marijuana strain, they are often derived from the parents of the strain or the kind of effects that you get. For this strain, it is named based on the appearance of its bud. It comes with a massive bud you have not seen on most marijuana plants. The big bud on the overall comes with indica effects as it is indica-dominant. You can expect it to give you deep relaxation and many other great effects. The strain has been around for years now and it has its origin back to the 80s. There is not much about its genetics, but most experts have traced it to Afghani, Skunk #1, and Northern Lights as the parents of the strain.

It is a monster bud that also packs quite a punch too. The high starts slow and will creep on you and before long you will have a head high. This is the kind of high that leaves you elated and euphoric. It is as simple as that. You cannot help it, but just remain happy. When the high hits your body, you will then start to experience a total body relaxation. This without a doubt will make you couch-locked in no time.

The strain could be great for those having issues of getting their sleep. The big bud will get most people sleeping within after an hour of smoking it. When the effects start to wear off, then you are likely to start feeling hungry. If you had trouble with appetite, you just got your cure today. The strain is great for using it at the end of the day. This is because you can now relax on your couch and not worry that your boss will catch you sleeping.

The strain comes with a delicious sweet smell that a hint of fruitiness. Well, if it is something that you would like, then you would not mind smoking the strain even in a closed room. If you thought the strain smells good, then the taste will even make things better. The strain comes with a sweet and spicy taste. The fruity undertone lingers in your breath and mouth.

The strain can grow quite well when grown outdoors. It can easily reach heights of 5 feet or even more. It can also thrive well in warmer climates, so make sure to choose the right environment when growing it outdoors. It is recommended that you grow it indoors under the hydroponic setup. Such an environment would make the strain perform better in terms of the final yield. Despite having the massive buds, the stems are strong enough to carry all that weight. The grower could take the time to give the plants more support where it is needed due to the massive weight of the buds. On the overall, the strain is easy to grow for novice and experienced growers.

It can take an average of 9 weeks to flower. You can always expect a generous yield when growing this strain.

Why patients use the Big Bud strain

The strain might not have the highest CBD levels, but it has proven to be great for those who suffer from pains and aches. This is all thanks to the deep relaxation that you will get from the strain. The strain will give you a remedy anxiety or depression symptoms. If you get to forget about your worries, then you can remain productive. The strong potency of the strain allows for the users to have an easy time sleeping. Thus, it is great for those with insomnia problems.

Medical uses of the Big Bud strain

Chronic Pain
Spinal Cord Injury

Side effects of the Big Bud strain

Dry mouth

Information about the Big Bud strain


Indica 85% and Sativa 15%


Afghani, Northern Lights, and Skunk #1

Stoned meter

It scores an impressive 9 on our stoned meter

THC level

It has a THC level of 26%


The breeder is unknown

Flowering Time

It takes 9 weeks for the strain to flower

Ideal Growing Method

Grow it indoors using SOG method

Plant Height

It is a tall plant at 5 feet or more


It has a high yield

Growing skills

It is easy to grow the strain

Potential problems

No potential problems have been reported


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