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Bio Diesel

This strain was bred with the aim of offering the best high and great medicinal values. Well, the breeder managed to make it one of the best strains you can buy today. The Bio Diesel strain is bred by Denver Relief in Colorado. This is a company that has been involved in making other top marijuana strains, so it is not surprising that they made another top product. The strain has won a couple of awards with most notable being the best strain with impressive CBD content. With such high rates, you would want to know more about its parents. So, its lineage comprises of sour diesel, NYC diesel, Original diesel, and Sensi star.

This strain offers a great balance to its high this is due to the 50:50 ratios between indica and sativa. This means that even those people who are new to pot will have an easy time using it. The strain comes with high potency that makes it great for various uses. Tests show that its THC levels can go as high as 22%. You can now expect that the effects would be quite strong. When the high kicks in, you will feel a sense of euphoria which is standard with most strains. This is often accompanied with a sense of focus.

The strain will also give you a stimulating high you have never felt before. This stimulation is what leads to energy boost and give you better alert for hours. This is the kind of strain you need to remain alert at work or when working on any other project.

Well, those were the sativa effects. As you come down from the cerebral high, it is when the indica effects kicks in. At this point, you should start feeling relaxed deeply. For some users, they have described this as a body-numbing feeling. In smaller doses, the relaxation might not be intense. If you increase the does, expect to slip into a strong sedation after a while.

It is due to such effects that the strain is seen as a good choice for those who need something for the day or in the evening. Beginners are advised to be careful with it as the effects sometimes can be overwhelming.

Since it has such deep roots with the diesel lineage, you can expect it to be a diesel stinker. Do not worry, being a stinker for pot is a good thing. The smell will remind you of the earthy and sweet diesel that pot users love. The strain still has a bit of citrus undertones that should work for most people.

With no much information about growing it, you might want to stick with growing it indoors in a greenhouse. Some users claim that you could still grow it outdoors. You need to have moderate gardening skills to keep the strain growing correctly. Indoor growing shows that it will take 9 to 11 weeks to flower.

Why patients use the Bio Diesel strain

The strain has an average of 3.77% in CBD concentration. You can easily see why it is one of the most liked for medicinal use. The energy boosting and mood uplifting traits of the strain come in handy for patients with symptoms of stress and depression. With many people dying from depression daily, this could help ease all that pain. It is the same reason the pot is used for those who have PTSD and PMS. In higher doses, it could be great for those who have trouble sleeping.

Medical uses of the Bio Diesel strain

Bipolar Disorder
Eye pressure
Chronic pain

Side effects of the Bio Diesel strain

Cotton mouth

Information about the Bio Diesel strain


Sativa 50% and Indica 50%


Sour diesel, NYC diesel, Original diesel, and Sensi star

Stoned meter

It comes with a rating of 8 on our stoned meter

THC level

It comes with a THC level of 22%


Denver Relief in Colorado

Flowering Time

It can take up to 11 weeks for the flowering to occur

Ideal Growing Method

It is advisable to grow the plant in a greenhouse

Plant Height

The plant height is unknown


It has an average yield

Growing skills

Moderate skills should be enough to grow the strain

Potential problems

No major problems have been reported on using this strain


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