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Black Cherry Soda


Black Cherry Soda

If you are into drinking tasty soda flavors all the time, then you might just like this strain. You could think of your soda being reloaded with a lot more. The strain is quite potent and gets love from both recreational users and those who need something for medication. Comparing it to some of the top cannabis strains, it is among the best tasting you can find today. From the name, you can easily know how it tastes and smells. You will always get a soda aftertaste when you exhale. That is quite great so that you could enjoy a nice breath, even when you are done with the smoking part. To achieve this strain, the breeder had to combine many strains. The parents for the strain are Airborne G13, Cherry AK-47, Cinderella 99, and Ortega.

The strain has high THC levels. According to various tests, it has managed to reach a high of 25%. This should make it very potent for many people. The effect is that the moment you smoke the strain; it gives you a cerebral high. It does kick in within a few minutes of smoking. It can be strong at first, but it can mellow down to give you a deep body relaxation. Most users say it also gives them a sense of elation each time they smoke it. Just make sure not to smoke too much of the strain. In small doses, the strain comes in handy to make you creative and remain with a clear mind.

The Black Cherry Soda strain is considered to be a happy strain. When you get to use it, you can always be sure to end up with good times. Many people have used it in social events when they just need to hang out with friends. The best part is that the strain does not leave you lazy, so it would be possible to keep interacting with friends as you get high.

The strain has a unique aroma of berry that you will like. Before you can even start smoking it, you can be taken by its sweet and fruity fragrance that it has to offer. The strain also comes with earthy undertones as you get to smoke it. There is no doubt that you will find it being one of the best smelling marijuana strains. The taste is as good as the smell. It gives you a sweet fruity taste of cherries and berries whenever you smoke it. When you exhale, you will experience a cream soda aftertaste. It is simply the best taste you will ever need.

If you want to grow the strain, consider growing it indoors or in a greenhouse. This is important that you get to give it all the conditions it needs for the right growth. It is a tall plant so make sure to give it plenty of space for it to grow appropriately. The strain will give the room a nice smell unlike other strains that might have pungent bad smells. It also comes with beautiful flowers that you are going to like all the time. It will take 6 weeks to start flowering.

Why patients use the Black Cherry Soda strain

The strain has the ability to give you just the right high and keep your moods uplifted. This is how the strain gets to be used for handling patients with mood swings. The strain also has stress and anxiety kept in control when used appropriately. Just make sure that you use it as instructed by your caregiver. It could also come in handy to help with alleviating pains and headaches. You will always get to enjoy yourself with such a strain.

Medical uses of the Black Cherry Soda strain

Chronic pain
Bipolar disorder

Side effects of the Black Cherry Soda strain

Dry mouth

Information about the Black Cherry Soda strain


Sativa 80% and Indica 20%


Ortega, Cinderella 99, Cherry AK-47, Airborne G13, and Blackberry

Stoned meter

It scores 8 on our stoned meter

THC level

It has a THC level of 25%


The breeder of the strain is unknown

Flowering Time

Flowering will start in 6 weeks

Ideal Growing Method

The indoor environment is great for growing the strain  

Plant Height

It is a tall plant at 6 feet


It offers a generous yield

Growing skills

It needs basic growing skills

Potential problems

No potential problems have been reported


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