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Black Magic Kush


Black Magic Kush

The Black Magic Kush has got a name you might associate it with the effects of Black Magic. This is if you even believe in black magic power. That aside, the strain has managed to get a reputation for itself. It is known for being really good when it comes to the various effects that it has to offer to the users. The strain is an indica-dominant hybrid strain. With the indica dominance, you can expect more of the sedative effects. The various effects that the strain has to offer has made it popular with people using it even for treating various ailments.

The strain has an average THC level of around 17%. This is what you can expect to get for most hybrid strains available on the market today. Having such a percentage does not mean it will not get you high as you want. The strain’s high will creep on you when smoking it. If you like a strain with a high that does not hit you hard, then you can always use this one. Within 15 minutes, you should start to feel high when smoking this strain.

The high is also characterized with a bit of buzz. The buzz will only be felt at the beginning of the high, but it settles down when you continue to smoke the strain and the high settles in. The high will also induce a deep relaxation state to the user. You can always have a great time relaxing at home after having a tough day at work. The deep relaxation effect should make the strain easily recommended for those who need to use the strain in the evenings.

The strain could also induce the couch lock effect. This was expected for an indica-dominant strain. You might not be moving around all the time when you are high. The high is expected to last for around 2 to 3 hours. For 3 hours you should be one of the happiest people on earth. This is because the strain still causes someone to keep smiling and giggling. This the point where you can always forget about your worries and sit back to enjoy a good smoke.

The smell of any strain should get you liking it or not. The best part about this strain is that it comes with a fruity and sweet flavor. This will make you keep smoking it for longer just to enjoy the kind of flavor you are getting. The strain also comes with a nice aroma characterized by grape and sweet scent. It could be nice to have such a scent in the house.

Growing the strain should not give you much trouble. It is however recommended that you have a bit of experiences when it comes to growing marijuana. The strain might need a bit of work when it comes to maintenance, but all in all it is something you can learn how to grow it successfully. The strain is rare, so expect that its seeds would also be rare. Only a few shops have the seeds of this strain. It will grow well when planted indoors or using a greenhouse. This means all the important conditions would be met.

Why patients use the Black Magic Kush strain

The strain has low levels of CBD, thus it might not be ideal for cases of seizures. That does not mean you cannot use it to treat other ailments. The strain can work wonders for cases of pain management. If you have trouble handling pain, then you could use this strain to make sure that you end up with the best relief ever. The strain being indica-dominant can work wonders for those who have insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

Medical uses of the Black Magic Kush strain

Chronic pain

Side effects of the Black Magic Kush strain

Dry eyes
Dry mouth

Information about the Black Magic Kush strain


Indica 70% and Sativa 30%


The parents of this strain are unknown

Stoned meter

It gets a score of 7 on our stoned meter

THC level

It comes with a THC level of 17%


The strain’s breeder is unknown

Flowering Time

The flowering time for the strain is 9 to 10 weeks

Ideal Growing Method

Indoors is preferred as the growing method

Plant Height

It is a tall plant


It has moderate yield

Growing skills

A bit of experience is necessary

Potential problems

No potential problems have been reported


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