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Black Rhino OG Kush


Black Rhino OG Kush

Sometimes the breeders tend to give you an idea which strains were used as the parents of the strain. For this one, it is Black Rhino and OG Kush strains. These strains are known for their good traits and we can expect that the Black Rhino OG Kush would also be great. This indica-dominant strain does not disappoint at all when it comes to the performance. Many people who have used it end up appreciating the kind of high they get and effects too. The strain is commonly used for recreational and medical purposes. If you have an ailment, you can find some solace in using the strain to aid eliminate such an ailment. Just make sure your doctor recommends it before using this strain.

The strain comes with a THC level of 18%. This does not mean that you get to treat it lightly. This is because the strain can be strong sometimes. It can easily hit you like a truck when the high kicks in. The best part is that the high kicks in almost immediately when you start to smoke. We would all love such a strain that gets you high faster than having to wait again for several minutes. Most users have described the high as being overwhelming for both the head and body. This was expected for a strain that has indica at 85%. The intense effect is going to be tough on some newbies. If you are a newbie, make sure to go slow on the strain.

You are also bound to experience couch lock. This means that once you are high, the chances are that you will remain seated on that couch for a long time until the effects begin to wear off. There is no doubt you will find such a strain being great for evening use. This is when you want to have a smoke and just relax. The strain will definitely let you relax. It is amazing that it comes with the deep relaxing effects. It will help you forget your worries and sleep great in no time. The sleeping part happens only if you use the strain in large doses.

The strain has a nice flavor that you will enjoy while smoking it in a closed space. It boasts of having berry combined with spicy flavors. You will get to taste them while you are smoking the strain. It also has a great citrus and earthy aroma. You can be sure that it will get you enjoying the strain each time you smoke it.

Growing needs someone who understands more about marijuana strains. It is possible that at some point, you will need to do a bit of maintenance. If you are not skilled, then it would take a bit of work to get the maintenance done. As much as that is the case, you can always resolve to learn about such maintenance procedures as they are not hard. The strain also grows to a medium size, which should not be a problem for those who need to grow it indoors. It will start flowering in about 9 weeks.

Why patients use the Black Rhino OG Kush strain

The intense nature of the strain makes it quite great when it comes to medical benefits. Such a strain would be ideal for those suffering from insomnia. They will get to enjoy every bit of the strain as it relaxes them enough to get some sleep. The relaxation an also be good for patients with joint pain, muscle spasms, and fatigue. You can see that the strain would come in handy for handling various ailments.

Medical uses of the Black Rhino OG Kush strain

Chronic pain
Muscle spasms

Side effects of the Black Rhino OG Kush strain

Dry mouth

Information about the Black Rhino OG Kush strain


Indica 85% and Sativa 15%


Black Rhino and OG Kush

Stoned meter

It has a score of 8 on our stoned meter

THC level

It comes with a THC level of 18%


The breeder is unknown

Flowering Time

It can take 9 to 10 weeks for flowering

Ideal Growing Method

Growing it indoors is ideal

Plant Height

It is a short plant


It has a medium yield

Growing skills

It needs experience to grow it

Potential problems

The strain does not have potential problems


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