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Blue Goo


Blue Goo  

Blue Goo is a Sativa dominant 50/50 hybrid that is a cross between the incredibly popular Blue Dream and Afgoo. Blue Goo has a moderate THC profile that ranges between 16-20% and it is a pleasant-smelling strain with a scent of berries and pines. It is a smooth and energizing smoke that is not overly stimulating. Blue Goo is a happy, energizing and talkative strain of marijuana that can be ideal for social situations as well as perfect for people suffering from depression and anxiety. It grants smokers a burst of cerebral energy without completely over loading the brain circuitry. The cerebral lift descends into a body stone that is simDepression
Sto find themselves mentally engaged by their surroundings, but still sufficiently grounded by Blue Goo’s Indica side that they can follow lucid patterns of thought and conversation. The lack of frantic mental stimulation makes this strain ideal for calm, creative thinking, as well as useful for analytical approaches to problem solving. Overall this is a very functional strain designed for people who want to be active and engaged. This strain is very popular in Colorado and Arizona, but is also a common recreational and medical strain of marijuana in general.

Why do Patients Use Blue Goo?

Blue Goo is most effective and most commonly prescribed for the treatment of depression, anxiety, general stress and PTSD. Its ability to maintain focus and concentration means it also has an application for the treatment of ADHD and ADD. If at the dispensary it is best to pick up a double dose of Blue Goo, as it does not last for very long. For patients suffering from social anxiety it is the perfect strain. Its moderate THC content and moderate effects mean there are few risks and little side effects when giving this strain to patients.

Medical Uses of Blue Goo

Problem Solving
Minor aches and pains

Side-Effects of Blue Goo  

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about Blue Goo  


50% Indica 50% Sativa


Blue Goo is a cross between Blue Dream and Afgoo

Stoned Meter

Blue Goo has a rating of 8.4 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

The THC levels of Blue Goo are between 16-20%.


The Breeder of Blue Goo is unknown.

Flowering Time

The flowering time of Blue Goo is between 7-9 weeks

Ideal Growing Method

Outdoors in a semi-humid climate with daytime temperatures in the 70 to 80-degree Fahrenheit range. Growers who want to extenuate the shades of Purple in this strain should expose the plant to colder nighttime temperatures in the vegetative stage.

Plant Height

Blue Goo can grow up to 6 feet tall.


Blue Goo has a low yield, between 150-350 grams per square meter indoors.

Growing Skills

Blue Goo is a moderately difficult plant to grow.

Potential Problems

No known problems associated with Blue Goo.


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