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Blueberry AK

blueberry Ak

Blueberry AK

This is another top sativa-dominant strain that you could get for yourself today. Many people who have tried it before would always end up having a great time using it. Those who need something that gives them a cerebral stimulation, then you have to consider getting this one for yourself. The strain comes with many benefits and most of them are great for patients. It is the reason you might get many patients looking for this strain to deal with a few conditions. The strain’s parents are Blueberry and AK-47. The strain breeder still remains a mystery as not many have come to claim the title of creating this amazing strain.

The strain is very potent. You can never underestimate it when it comes to the high. It is awfully powerful and might not be the best for beginners. If you are a novice and still want to try it out, make sure to start with small doses. It might be sativa-dominant, but the strain’s high kicks in fast. You might feel that all the blood has rushed to the skull. Once the high has settled, you can now feel the high affecting the other parts of the body. At this point, you should start feeling mellow and euphoric. Most people would start smiling and giggling when the high settles in their bodies. You might also end up being social than ever before. This is better as compared to some strains that would take forever to have the high kicking in.

The high from the strain could be sustained for hours. For most people, they experienced the high for an average of 3 hours. It could be more depending on your tolerance. The best part about the strain is that it is popular. This means that you could easily access it from various marijuana joints if it is legalized in your state or country.

The strain still looks excellent. The bud is characterized for being fluffy and covered with orange hairs. When group together, the strain gives you an appealing nuclear green appearance. The blueberry AK strain still comes with a nice aroma. The blueberry part shines when it comes to the aroma with a bit of musk contributed by AK-47. The taste also is good according to many people who have tried it. You will feel as if your mouth is full of blueberries. The thick Kush smoke also comes with a fruity taste.

Growing the strain is relatively easy. If you have some basic skills on growing marijuana, then you should be good to get started. Many who have tried it always end up with a high yield. This just shows that the strain would be great when it comes to growing for commercial purposes. The strain might need a bit of maintenance. On the overall, it is nothing you cannot handle. You should easily get to keep the strain growing well to enjoy the rewards later. The strain will flower in 9 to 10 weeks. That is a short time to wait to have your own supply of weed.

Why patients use the Blueberry AK strain

The CBD and THC levels in the strain make it great for some people who would want to use it for medical purposes. The strain has been seen as great for conditions such as arthritis and chronic pain. The aim is to get you relaxed and numb the pain. You can now safely have a great time at job without worrying about the pain. It could also help with loss of appetite. Once you get to smoke the strain, make sure to have some munchies in the house. You might just feel hungry in no time.

Medical uses of the Blueberry AK strain

Loss of appetite

Side effects of the Blueberry AK strain

Dry mouth

Information about the Blueberry AK strain


Indica 65% and Sativa 35%


Blueberry and AK-47

Stoned meter

The strain comes with an average score of 9 on our stoned meter

THC level

It comes with a THC level of 18%


The breeder is unknown

Flowering Time

It takes 10 weeks to flower

Ideal Growing Method

Indoors is the ideal method for growing the strain

Plant Height

It has a short plant height


It comes with a high yield

Growing skills

It needs basic skills to grow the strain

Potential problems

The strain does not have any potential problems


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