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Blz Bud  

Blz Bud is a powerful 60% Indica dominant strain with a THC content that hovers around 20-22%. It is not recommended for first time marijuana users and is best suited to medical patients and hard-core marijuana veterans. It is easy to tell how powerful a strain is from its genetic lineage, and Blz Bud descends from Trainwreck, G13 and Super Silver Haze, 3 amazing strains. The flowers of the Blz Bud strain are covered in trichomes and great for THC concentrates. It is a dark green in color with a mouthwatering smell and wonderful taste. The smell and taste are an interesting mixture of sweet, sour and spice. When inhaled the smoke feels thick and soft, almost like drinking a liquid, expanding in your lungs and leaving a pleasant aftertaste on your lips when exhaled. Couchlock will hit users hard upon ingestion of this potent strain, so it is best to have snacks and a movie at hand before starting. Otherwise you might not have the mental or physical capacity. This is a strain that is best used when you have nothing better to do than sit on the couch, relax and enjoy the day. The strain does have some sporadic cerebral effects but it is by and large a body stone best used for sleep and relaxation. The high is immediate and completely overwhelming with this strain so users are cautioned. Blz Bud has an indoor flowering time between 9-10 weeks and generates high yields over 500 grams per square meter indoors. Blz Bud seeds can be purchased from the breeder Seedism who have been in operation since 1999. It is described as an easy strain to grow suitable for first time users. A great strain for relaxing the day away playing video games or listening to music. A common side effect often reported with this strain is headaches due to its potency but this is not a serious concern unless the user has underlying issues or is trying to get rid of a headache.

Why do Patients Use Blz Bud?

Blz Bud is a potent strain of marijuana and the 60% Indica content might be a little misleading. It smokes more like a 90% Indica. It is an excellent strain for the treatment of insomnia and chronic pain. The effects are instant which will appeal to those suffering from painful conditions. Blz Bud is not suitable for first time medical patients due to its potency and is really reserved for serious cases. It is ineffective for treating depression and fatigue as it will send people to the couch (Most people suffering from depression are looking for a strain which gives them an uplift and some energy to perform tasks). Blz Bud is a relatively common strain of medical marijuana found mainly in dispensaries in California, Oregon, Washington and Michigan. It can also be used to treat eating disorders.

Medical Uses of Blz Bud

Chronic Pain
Eating disorders

Side-Effects of Blz Bud  

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes
Couch Lock

Information about Blz Bud  


60% Indica 40% Sativa


Blz Bud is a potent cross between Trainwreck, G13 and Super Silver Haze.

Stoned Meter

Blz Bud has a rating of 8.9 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

THC levels of Blz Bud are between 20-22%


BLZ Bud is bred by Seedism in Amsterdam

CEPASTEBIN%Flowering Time

Blz Bud has a moderately long flowering time between 9-10 weeks indoors.

Ideal Growing Method

Blz Bud is best grown indoors in a Sea of Green setup, which it thrives in.

Plant Height

Blz Bud is a medium height, growing between 3-5 feet tall indoors.


Blz Bud generates a high yield, above 500 grams per square meter indoors.

Growing Skills

Blz Bud is an easy plant to grow suitable for novice growers.

Potential Problems

Blz Bud needs a tightly controlled humidity level and it needs loads of nutrients.


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