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Carnage is a new marijuana strain on the market with little available data. It is not to be confused with the Carnage strain available in the UK. The UK strain is available from 710 Genetics Seed Bank and is a cross between Trainwreck and Elite Clone. The US brand of Carnage is a more modern version and is a cross between Ed Rosenthal Super Bud, Hindu Kush and Grape Widow. Carnage is 70% Indica dominant and has a high THC content that ranges from 18-23%. It has large, dense buds with orange hairs and a modest amount of THC crystals. Carnage has a wonderful tropical smell of mango and pineapples which gets even more flavorsome when it is ground up and combusted. It is a smooth smoke with a pleasant sweet taste with some mint undertones. Carnage, as the name suggests, is not for the faint of heart and is not a strain for marijuana newbies. It is a powerful strain with potent mind and body effects. If you are expecting a roller coaster of a ride, you are in luck. Carnage is perfect for cannabis users who all are looking for an all-time high as it is a tier one strain. As soon as you smoke the strain, you will feel its effects overcome you in a matter of minutes. The strain offers a sensational body buzz and you will feel happy and euphoric at the same time. Unfortunately, users will be rendered nonfunctional and stuck to the couch, and this strain is not for those who intend to spend the rest of the day productively. It is actually better used at night as most smokers will drift off to sleep. Carnage is a powerful medical strain but is not to be found in many dispensaries in the USA. It typically flowers in 7-8 weeks and is an easy strain to grow, though the yields of this strain tend to be ultra-low, which discourages first time users as well as big growing operators from growing this strain. Seeds are also not available online so clippings from a plant are the only way to get the growing experience. In the meantime, those who come across this strain are encouraged to purchase it.

Why do Patients Use Carnage?

Carnage is very effective for dealing with sleep, appetite and pain issues. Its effects are swift and strong. Because of its potency it is not recommended for first time patients or for those who need to get work completed. Powerful types of Indica strains do not really help with depression or anxiety all that much, they simply lull people to sleep and dull the pain somewhat. However, 70% Indica dominant strains have a good history of dealing with a wide variety of medical conditions. Unfortunately, due to a lack of this strain in medical dispensaries it is difficult to say for certain what it is useful for.

Medical Uses of Carnage

Mild to Severe Pain
Eating Disorders
Insomnia and sleep apnea.

Side-Effects of Carnage  

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes
Couch Lock

Information about Carnage  


70% Indica 30% Sativa


Carnage is a cross between Ed Rosenthal Super Bud x Hindu Kush x Grape Widow.

Stoned Meter

Carnage has a rating of 8.9 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

The THC levels of Carnage are between 18-23%


The Breeder of Carnage is unknown.

Flowering Time

Carnage has a short flowering time between 7-8 weeks.

Ideal Growing Method

The ideal growing method of Carnage is unknown.

Plant Height

The typical plant height of Carnage is unknown.


Carnage has a very low yield, typically yielding between 100-200 grams per square meter indoors.

Growing Skills

Carnage is an easy plant to grow suitable for novice growers.

Potential Problems

No potential problems associated with Carnage.


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