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Casey Jones

This sativa dominant strain is increasingly becoming popular each day thanks to its effects. It is now commonly used for both medical and recreational purposes. It does have a lot of the sativa effects than indica thus you should expect to have your cerebral stimulated. It should also give you a sense of creativity in no time to get you happy. This sativa strain will also give you an uplifting that we can all love. It is also energizing, so that you can get to have more energy to tackle the day ahead. As much as it is not the most potent strain, it still has impressive THC levels of 22%. Its impressive performance is expected to come from the parents. As for the parents, the strain was created by crossing Trainwreck strain, Thai, and Sour Diesel. You should be sure to find this strain as good as your morning coffee.

Due to its effects, many people should find it a great strain to use in the morning to boost your energy and unlock your mind. The best part is that it stays true to its sativa roots by uplifting your mood. You will now have a great mood in the morning that is important to start your day. You will also feel encouraged to start your day on a high note thanks to the strain. The strain further induces a happy mood whenever you use it. If you had a task that took away the happiness, this is the strain that you use to get you uplifted once again.

You will also get to notice some feeling of euphoria when it comes to enjoying this strain. The best part is that the euphoria effect is enjoyable rather than overwhelming you. This means that you stay happy all the time, but still have a clear mental state to keep working.

You might just like the fragrance offered by the strain. For a long time, people have found the strain to be soothing and smooth in terms of its scent. It gives you a fresh spritz scent of lemon. This further makes it delicious for many users. You will easily feel yourself uplifted even on the scent alone. You can also note sweet bubble gum undertones. The fruity aroma will also get you smoking the strain more often. The flavor of the strain further makes it great. You will feel a sweet and fruity taste when using the strain. Who would not want to experience such a taste?

Since it is easy to grow, the strain is often recommended for those who are experienced or even a novice in cultivating weed. You can expect it to give you a high yield most of the time when grown in the right conditions. If you want to make the most out of it, you need to grow it using soil and hydroponic environments. It will take an average of 9 to 10 weeks when it comes to flowering. It does not have a lot of maintenance work, so it will be a smooth sail all the time.

Why patients use the Casey Jones strain

Thanks to the many medical benefits, the strain has steadily grown in popularity over the years. It is often seen as a great strain if you have to deal with chronic stress. This is important as it allows the patients to easily curb their stress levels. The same can be used to deal with anxieties without feeling that you are weighed down by the strong strain. The same strain comes in handy to treat the mental health issues that might come up.

Medical uses of the Casey Jones strain

Bipolar Disorder
Chronic pain

Side effects of the Casey Jones strain

Dry mouth
A bit of paranoia

Information about the Casey Jones strain


Sativa 80% and Indica 20%


Trainwreck, Thai mixed with Sour Diesel

Stoned meter

It gets a score of 7.5 on our stoned meter

THC level

It can achieve a THC level of 20%


The breeder of this strain is unknown

Flowering Time

It takes 9 to 10 weeks for the plant to flower

Ideal Growing Method

It is advisable to grow it indoors

Plant Height

It has a medium plant height


Expect to get a high yield with the plant

Growing skills

Simple growing skills are needed

Potential problems

No potential problems have been reported


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