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Cate Harrington


Cate Harrington  

Cate Harrington is a new strain of marijuana on the market and has not made much inroads on the USA scene as of yet. It originated in UK with pornoseed, a London based seedbank which dedicated the strain to UK porn star Cate Harrington. Cate Harrington is a cross between Lowryder and Helmand, two obscure strains. Cate Harrington is an Indica dominant hybrid, 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. The THC levels of this strain are quite low, between 12-15%, so it is not overly potent. Cate Harrington is an interesting looking strain with orange and yellow hairs and an incredible amount of THC crystals on its surface. The smell is a mix of bubblegum and skunk and is not the sweetest smelling of strains. In fact, it has a rather pungent odor during the growing stage and while smoking the plant, so growers are advised to put controls in place to counteract this. It is more potent than the THC level suggest and will induce the munchies and couch lock. The strain is a creeper and the effects will kick in after about 15 minutes or so, and it has mild cerebral properties. It is regarded as a good strain for pain relief and for the removal of aches and pains in general. Cate Harrington is a moderately difficult strain to grow with modest yields. Flowering times are around 8-9 weeks for this strain. Cate Harrington is said to be an auto flowering plant, but many growers dispute this advertising claim by pornoseed. It will flower when put under a 12 hours on 12 hours off lighting set up, like a lot of other marijuana strains. It is said to be a grade A medical marijuana strain by users in the UK., though their criteria might be different to what is obtainable in the USA.

Why do Patients Use Cate Harrington?

Cate Harrington is not really available in the USA, though some medical dispensaries in Southern California do have it. It is more common in its homeland, the UK. Cate Harrington is usually prescribed for the treatment of aches and pains, insomnia and eating disorders. It is a typical Indica dominant variety that has minor applications for mental and emotional illness as it does not provide much of an uplift. Because this strain has a moderate amount of THC it can be prescribed for first time patients and there are little associated side effects.

Medical Uses of Cate Harrington

Mild to Moderate Pain
Eating Disorders

Side-Effects of Cate Harrington

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about Cate Harrington  


70% Indica 30% Sativa


Cate Harrington is a cross between Lowryder and Helmand

Stoned Meter

Cate Harrington has a rating of 8.4 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

The THC levels of Cate Harrington are between 12-15%


Cate Harrington is bred by Pornoseed in London.

Flowering Time

Cate Harrington has a flowering time between 8-9 weeks

Ideal Growing Method

Cate Harrington grows best indoors in a Sea of Green setup. It is not a good outdoors strain.

Plant Height

Cate Harrington typically grows between 3-5 feet tall indoors.


Cate Harrington has a moderate yield, between 250-400 grams per square meter indoors.

Growing Skills

Cate Harrington is a moderately difficult plant to grow.

Potential Problems

Cate Harrington takes a long time to grow, and is susceptible to temperature fluctuations. It needs a steady temperate and PH level to flourish. Odor control measures need to be put in place.


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