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Caviar is almost certainly the best strain of marijuana on the market, though it is really not a strain but more of a unique cannabis invention. At $1400 an ounce, it would want to have some type of status. Caviar is a mix of Grape God marijuana buds with Grape Rhino Kief (resin glands or trichomes from cannabis flowers) and Grape Rhino hash oil. It is what is known a “one hit quitter”, not something you sit around with and smoke all day long in front of the TV. Caviar is made by soaking marijuana buds in hash oil and once soaked, allowed to dry for several weeks It is a top shelf strain of marijuana that is only available in a few dispensaries in California and Colorado. The high cannot be described but is quite different from what one would normally get from other strains, even Grade A medical strains. It is very powerful but is also invigorating, uplifting and relaxing. It will pin users to the couch but leave them awake in cerebral euphoria with a high like none other. Caviar is a medical strain that will eradicate mental, emotional and physical disorders in a short space of time. Caviar cannot be said to be a social or recreational strain of marijuana, as it is not a functional strain and tends to leave people incapacitated in a sea of their own happiness and bliss. The flavor is complicated; berry fruity and a little citrus and something a little nutty in the background. While Caviar became popularized with the original Grape God bus and Grape Rhino Kief and Hash Oil, there are now a number of varieties on the shelves using different buds and oils. One thing all marijuana caviar has in common is that it is of the highest quality, is supremely pure and will crush any illness that medical patients happen to have. Recreational users may want to try it out now and again for the sake of having something so pure, however it is incredibly expensive and should really be used by medical patients who have a genuine need for the finest of fine marijuana. There are Indica and Sativa strains of cannabis caviar, the original caviar strain of Grape is all Indica. The THC levels of caviar are overwhelming, though hard to say for certain. The medical marijuana itself will usually have between 15-25% THC, and it is then infused in oil with a typical THC content of between 30-80% THC, along with the kief which is pure THC.

Why do Patients Use Caviar?

Caviar is quite possibly the best marijuana product ever invented. High grade medical oil infused with high grade hash oil and Kief leaves an incredibly high grade and potent form of medicinal marijuana. The specific medical uses will depend on the particular type of illness itself. Indica varieties are usually good for the treatment of insomnia, eating disorders and pain. Sativa dominant varieties are better for depression and anxiety, as well as mental and emotional disorders in general. But Caviar is so pure that is will have only positive effects on all illnesses as it purifies, cleans, energizes and relaxes the mind and body.

Medical Uses of Caviar

Mild to Chronic Pain
Mental and Emotional Disorders

Side-Effects of Caviar  

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes
Couch Lock

Information about Caviar  




Caviar is a mix of Grape God marijuana buds with Grape Rhino Kief and Grape Rhino hash oil.

Stoned Meter

Caviar has a rating of 9.5 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

The THC levels of Caviar vary depending on the type but are generally exceptionally high.


The Breeder of Caviar is unknown.

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