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CH9 is a very visually appealing strain with bright green buds and wonderful hues of pink and purple. It has a lot of crystals and sticky resin on its outer layers making it ideal for concentrates. CH9 is not a common strain of marijuana and is really only available in California and Washington, and even in these places only in certain regions. It has a fruity smell of citrus, sour grapes and lime which is often described as surprisingly refreshing and uplifting. Once cured, CH9 Flower has a very uplifting and complex aroma, Because of its subtle tones of flavor, the CH9 Flower is best appreciated using a vaporizer. Marijuana connoisseurs will be sure to delight in its naturally aromatic perfume and enjoy it as a flavorsome experience. The high delivers an energy that is clear and euphoric, cerebral and psychedelic, which may bend the mind in unexpected directions. The stone is definitely more cerebral than body and for those who are suffering from bodily pains it may not be potent enough, as its effects are felt primarily in the head and not the body. It also has quite a moderate THC range. The effects of CH9 can be felt almost immediately and will start with a gentle pressure around the temples which subtly spreads to the whole head. The genetics of CH9 are unknown, though it is thought to be a cross between Ed Rosenthal Super Bud, Jack Herer, Power Plant and an unknown strain. CH9 is a 60% Sativa dominant strain which is very stimulating, energizing and uplifting. It is ideal for those suffering from depression and fatigue and is excellent for a smoke first thing in the morning. Like the parentage of this strain, the breeders are unknown along with the THC content, which is generally said to be in the region of 12-18%. CH9 is a moderately difficult pant to grow with medium yields and a long flowering time between 9-11 weeks. It also grows quite tall.

Why do Patients Use CH9?

CH9 is an excellent strain for those suffering from psychosomatic disorders of all kinds. It provides an immediate uplift to those suffering from depression, enabling them to see the sunny side of life and can also help people to focus, making the completion of tasks all the more enjoyable. It’s Indica properties are quite mild, and it is not the best strain for dealing with pain or insomnia. It is available only in certain medical dispensaries in California and is not common either recreationally or medically. CH9 can be used to treat anxiety, but there is always the danger, like in most strains of marijuana, that it could trigger anxiolytic symptoms due to its mentally stimulating properties.

Medical Uses of CH9

Mental and Emotional Disorders
Minor Aches and Pains

Side-Effects of CH9  

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about CH9  


60% Sativa 40% Indica


The genetic lineage of CH9 is unknown. Most commonly said to be a four-way cross between Ed Rosenthal Super Bud, Jack Herer, Power Plant and an unknown strain.

Stoned Meter

CH9 has a rating of 8.4 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

The THC levels of CH9 are between 12-18%


The Breeder of CH9 is unknown.

Flowering Time

CH9 has a long flowering time between 9-11 weeks

Ideal Growing Method

CH9 Flower is a terrific plant for closet cultivating or a home box garden. This plant is versatile and can either be pruned and grown in a sea of green, or allowed to multi-branch in hydro or soil.

Plant Height

CH9 typically grows between 5-6 feet tall indoors.


CH9 has a moderate yield, between 200-400 grams per square meter indoors.

Growing Skills

CH9 is a moderately difficult plant to grow.

Potential Problems

Long time to grow, susceptible to pests and mildew. Grows quite tall.


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