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Cherry Kola


Cherry Kola  

Cherry kola is a 70% Indica dominant strain that originated from Sonoma County in California in the past 5 years or so. While it has not spread far outside of California and seeds for this strain are not readily available, it is highly regarded by the lucky residents of California who have ingested it, and they are eager for more. Cherry Kola has a wonderful taste and smell, which is where it gets its name from. It has a taste of candy and cherries and a similar smell with earth undertones. While it is a 70% Indica dominant strain it delivers an awesome burst of cerebral energy to the head which is euphoric and uplifting. The THC range of Cherry Kola is rather moderate and goes from 16-19%. It is a well-balanced, pleasant and versatile strain that is useful for social, recreational and medical purposes. The high is body-centered, promoting deep relaxation and peaceful sleep. It’s best used at night, given its powerful sedative qualities and couch-lock effects. The most commonly described attributes of Cherry Kola are euphoria, happiness and relaxation. The genetic lineage of Cherry Kola is unknown, though there is definitely some Afghani in its parentage. It is a clean, pure, smooth and cleansing smoke with a distinct Cherry and Cola aroma. The mental effects of this strain last around 2 hours and the body effects last round 4 hours, and a little goes a long way in terms of the dosage. Cherry Kola is definitely a strain for cannabis connoisseurs. It has a long flowering time between 10-12 weeks and is said to generate moderate yields. The bud can mainly be distinguished from its tangy Cola and Cherry taste and flavor. It is a bright green in color that may have some purple hues with a large amount of white crystals on its surface. Unfortunately, there is a lack of data with regard to the proper growing methods of this strain. Smokers are advised to snap up this strain if they get the chance.

Why do Patients Use Cherry Kola?

Cherry Kola is not readily available on the medical market outside of California. But its medial effects within the Greater California area are legendary and it has a large number of benefits. It is always 70% Indica dominant strains that, for some reason, are hyper effective in the treatment of so many medical conditions as opposed to even hybrids, pure Sativas or pure Indicas. And Cherry Kola is no exception. It is amazing for the treatment of anxiety and panic attacks, moderate pains, insomnia, for focus and concentration, depression, migraines and nausea. Many patients report it is by far their favorite strain. It is most certainly top shelf and hopefully more data will become available on the plant and its use will proliferate across the USA.

Medical Uses of Cherry Kola

Mild to Moderate Pain
Problem Solving

Side-Effects of Cherry Kola  

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Information about Cherry Kola  


70% Indica 30% Sativa


The genetic lineage of Cherry Kola is currently unknown, though there is some Afghani in its parentage.

Stoned Meter

Cherry Kola has a rating of 8.7 on the stoned meter.

THC Level

The THC levels of Cherry Kola are between 16-19%.


The Breeder of Cherry Kola is unknown.

Flowering Time

Cherry Kola has a long flowering time between 10-12 weeks.

Ideal Growing Method

The ideal growing method of Cherry Kola is unknown.

Plant Height

The height of the Cherry Kola strain is currently unknown.


Cherry Kola is said to generate a moderate yield.

Growing Skills

Cherry Kola is said to be a moderately difficult plant to grow.

Potential Problems

No known problems associated with Cherry Kola.


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