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Chronic can refer to any high-quality weed, but the strain with that name is a popular cross between Skunk and Northern Lights, with AK-47 later introduced into the gene pool to maximize resin production and complexity of effects without reducing harvest size. This high-yielder grows enormous colas the envy of breeders everywhere, and with very little foliage. Its pungency makes it a difficult strain to hide.

The effects of this strain hit hard and fast, taking consumers on an intense head high with creative and focused clarity of thinking. Chronic is ideal for getting jobs done, including for brainstorming ideas and solving problems. It is a sociable, happy strain that can cause hours of uncontrollable laughter, but in higher doses, it can have the opposite, sleepier effect so many need to get a fitful night of sleep.

Why Patients Use Chronic

Chronic is famously high in cannabidiol, making it medicinally potent. Patients rely on its complete numbing of all aches and pains. It stimulates appetite in those unable to eat due to illness or cancer treatment, and it helps scatterbrains concentrate. This strain is effective for too many conditions to list here, but the main reasons for its popularity are its uplifting effects and its suitability for daytime use.

Medical Uses of Chronic


Side Effects of Chronic

Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth

Information about Chronic


50 percent Sativa and 50 percent Indica


To get Chronic, breeders crossed Northern Lights and Skunk with AK-47.

Stoned Meter

Chronic is potent. It scores an eight on the stoned meter, promising a very stoned experience.

THC Levels

This strain frequently measures THC levels of 20 percent in laboratory tests.


Serious Seeds

Flowering Time

It takes nine or ten weeks for Chronic to flower indoors. Outdoors, it is ready for harvest in November.

Ideal Growing Method

Chronic does well in indoor and outdoor environments. Because of its huge colas, cropping is ill advised.

Plant Height

As a plant of medium size, Chronic does not require cropping. Doing so will damage cola development.


In ideal conditions, Chronic can yield as much as six ounces per square foot of growing space.

Growing Skills

This is not a recommended strain for beginners, but success is possible with research and guidance.

Potential Problems

Chronic is pungent. Growers should invest in odor control measures, such as air filters and exhaust fans.


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