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Cinderella 99 (C99)


Cinderella 99

Called “C99” by some or just “Cindy by others, Cinderella 99 is a Sativa-dominant hybrid best known for her cerebrally intoxicating high. Her enormous yields make her a popular cash crop for growers, and consumers love her potency, delightful flowers, and fruity sweet flavors. According to her breeder, Cinderella 99 originated from a two-gram package of Jack Herer seeds bought in Amsterdam.  

Mr. Soul, of Brothers Grimm, receives accolades for his creation in the sheer popularity of this strain. Patients describe its effects as euphoric, dreamy, and energizing. This is one of the most sought after strains among indoor growers, because of its bushiness, short flowering cycles, high yields, and among patients, its incredible potency. In California, “Cindy” is an undisputed bestseller.

Why Patients Use Cinderella 99 ?

Cindy is happiness. Patients love its uplifting effects, as it motivates them to accomplish their tasks and allows them to do it free of pain and discomfort. Because of its Sativa-dominance, this strain is ideal for those struggling to stay awake, as it keeps users busy, creative, and social. It treats a horde of common symptoms and ailments, making it a must-have for every family’s medicine cabinet.

Medical Uses of Cinderella 99

Loss of Appetite
Chronic Pain

Side Effects of Cinderella 99

Dry Eyes
Dry Mouth

Information about Cinderella 99


85 percent Sativa and 15 percent Indica


Cindy a Sativa-dominant hybrid crossed between Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk.

Stoned Meter

This strain scores an eight on the stoned meter. It potent high is obviously notable.

THC Levels

THC levels of Cinderella 99 are seldom lower than 20 percent, but more often as high as 23 percent.


Mr. Soul of Brothers Grimm

Flowering Time

Cinderella 99 flowers quickly, usually completing its cycle in nine weeks, sometimes only seven weeks.

Ideal Growing Method

C99 is a strain bred specifically for indoor cultivation in a highly controlled setup.

Plant Height

This compact plant typically grows to a height of four feet. Growers flower them at 30 inches.


In the right indoor environment, Cinderella 99 can yield six ounces per square foot.

Growing Skills

C99 requires experience in climate control to maximize its yields. It is not an easy strain for beginners.

Potential Problems

Cindy is very sensitive to her environment, reacting to insufficiencies in light, heat, water, and humidity.

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