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Concord Kush


Concord Kush

If you would like a marijuana strain that gives you the best high, then you have to try out the Concord Kush. The strain has Grape Ape and DJ Shorts Grape Kush strains as the parents. These two have a reputation among marijuana users. They have been used for quite a while now each having various effects on the patients. The combination of the two gives a hybrid that is indica dominant. The proportions are indica 90% and sativa 10%. In some cases, you would find others giving only indica percentage.

For most people, they would embrace the kush for its performance and smell. It comes with a specific aroma and taste that will make you beg for more. The grape kush flavor is often dominant. It will keep lingering in your mouth and keep the taste buds active. Sometimes you will feel the flavor even for days after smoking the strain. The taste could be described as skunky sweet and aromatic. You can also experience an earthy taste when exhaling the strain.

So, how about its effect on the body? Anyone who is looking to get high, the chances are that they are looking for a strong strain. For this strain, it gives you an immediate high the moment you take the first hit. With just one hit, you could be high for an hour. If you cannot handle your weed, then you might want to go slow on this one. It just goes to show how potent this type of marijuana strain can be.

The effect is that you will be feeling a great sense of relaxation. It should be great for those looking to calm down after a tough day at work. It might not be great in the morning though. Once you are high on this strain, it might take hours for you to accomplish any real work. It is the reason you get most people using it after work so that they do not get into trouble with their bosses.

The best part about growing this strain is that you will have an easy time doing so. Many people who have tried it end up with a bountiful yield in the end. You simply need to take the time to understand more about how it is grown and the right conditions for it to grow. Since it might need a skilled gardener, the newbies might need more time to learn how to grow it effectively. It can be ideal for those who grow it for selling and those who just need something for personal smoking.

As for the value for money, you should find the strain being quite good. From the moment you get to use it, you will notice that it is better in all aspects. It will grab your attention from the moment you smell and taste it.

Why do Patients Use Concord Kush?

Due to its relaxing effect, you should find that it is favored by patients who are looking to relax. Some of the other effects you can expect with the strain is euphoric, soaring, and blissful. You just have to make sure that there are few hours for you to relax. The strain will also cultivate a restorative mindset for the user when you are high. It should give you an elevated high that is accompanied by a relaxing and warm sensation.

Medical Uses of Concord Kush

Muscle spasms
Lower back pain
Anxiety relief

Side effects of Concord Kush

Dry mouth

Information about Concord Kush


Indica 90% and Sativa 10%


Grape Ape and DJ Shorts Grape Kush

Stoned meter                     

It gets a stoned meter score of 8 thanks to its high potency

THC Level

The concord kush has a THC level of 17%


The breeder for the Concord Kush marijuana strain is unknown

Flowering Time

It can take up to 8 weeks for the flowering time of the concord Kush marijuana strain

Ideal Growing Method

It is best to grow this strain indoors using the SOG method

Plant Height

You can expect an average height of 4ft when growing this type of marijuana strain


It has a high yield

Growing Skills

You need to be an experienced gardener to get this kush growing well

Potential Problems

There have not been any problems associated with using the concord kush strain

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