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Cranberry Kush


Cranberry Kush

The Cranberry Kush offers you something different from what you may have used before for relaxation. It comes as an indica dominant hybrid strain. It has the proportions indica 70% and sativa 30%. The strain was created by the breeders at the Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona. The breeders have made it impossible for other people to know the genetics of the strain. Well, if you worked hard to create an impressive strain, you would also keep it a secret when it comes to the genetics. Although some other breeders have tried to duplicate it without success. They always end up with something different from what the patients want.

This strain comes with high potency of up to 3 hours sometimes. I think you can see why some people would be motivated to take their chances with the strain. It will keep them high for longer. It also comes with a THC level of 15 to 18% on average. This should be enough for many people based on the applications they might have in mind.

Another thing you will note about the kush should be its famous taste. The bud comes with a citrus taste that should be liked by many people who need better tastes in marijuana. The citrus taste lingers in your mouth as you exhale and will sweeten as you keep on smoking. This is unlike the other types of marijuana strains that would have a pungent smell and irritating taste. You will keep on enjoying smoking this strain for hours without a problem.

There is also benefit that it does not need a lot of work when it comes to growing it. Many people who have tried it claim it will take a few gardening skills to grow it. For those interested in growing the Cranberry Kush strain, you have nothing to worry about. You simply have to keep in mind the requirements as set out by the breeder. If you get to follow the instructions, then you can end up with the best yield ever. It might also need regular trimming to maintain its shape as it is an aggressive grower.

The flowering time can take up to 10 weeks. As you can see, it is within what most strains would be flowering. You can easily grow it indoors or outdoors. It would do best when you have it in a controlled environment, which is indoors in a greenhouse. Make sure you get to give the plant all the necessary conditions for it to grow properly.

Why do Patients Use Cranberry Kush?

Patients would want something they feel was worth spending their money on it. This for sure will deliver a great effect. Starting with the smell and taste, many patients will like it even more. The earthy citrus and the hint of diesel in the taste gives it more fans who would want to use it. As for the effects on the patients, it will give them the sense of relaxation with a sense of mild head buzz. Since it has high potency, it would be better that you smoke it after work. You will get to forget about all the woes at work and enjoy a sense of calmness the whole evening.

It could still be great for various medical uses, but you might want to consult your doctor first. You may not have to use it if you have certain conditions.

Medical Uses of Cranberry Kush 

Chronic pain

Side effects of Cranberry Kush 

Cotton mouth

Information about Cranberry Kush 


Indica 70% and Sativa 30%


The parents of the Cranberry Kush Strain are unknown

Stoned meter

It manages to score an impressive 9 on our stoned meter

THC Level

The THC level is about 18% on average


The breeder for this strain is Cannabis Social Club Barcelona

Flowering Time

It can take up to 10 weeks when it comes to flowering of the Cranberry Kush strain

Ideal Growing Method

You can grow it indoors and outdoors. The preferred method is indoors in a greenhouse

Plant Height

The plant height is unknown


It can offer a high yield based on how good you take care of it

Growing Skills

You need simple gardening skills to start growing this strain

Potential Problems

No major problems have been reported with using the Cranberry Kush strain


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