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Cream Caramel


Cream Caramel

This is an indica dominant strain that should give you the best high you might have been looking for a long time. On the overall, the strain is seen to be visually appealing. For many growers, they like to have it in their gardens just to make the garden look beautiful. The buds are white and can easily help with distinguishing it from the other strains. You can always have a great time enjoying the weed more often with friends thanks to its impressive potency. With its high indica content, most users would want to know its parents. The strain was produced by crossing Maple Leaf, Skunk and BlueBack. Not much is known about the breeder.

There is no doubt that the strain got its name from the smell it gives the users. The strain does smell good whenever you get it out of the bag and start smoking. The strain has the hint of caramel smell which can be compared to some of the premium marijuana strains. They might not even smell as good as this affordable marijuana. You should also easily note that when the buds are split, the good smell will increase significantly in the area. Since it smells good, do not expect many people to complain about it.

You might have expected that the strain would have the same flavor as the smell. On the contrary, the smoke flavor is a bit different. Some users have claimed that they could not even taste it in their mouth. Instead, it simply hit them with a strong high they never expected. In general, the smoking experience is smooth. You do not have to worry that you can start coughing hard after smoking the strain. It is also great for someone with a sensitive throat that would have led to coughing all the time. It can still be great for those who tear through a bong without letting their lungs settle for a moment.

The high potency of the strain is described by the high THC levels of up to 24%. This is the kind of strain you have to go easy on it. Going crazy about it might not always be the best idea. This is because the high will kick in almost immediately. You will be having quite some fun in just a few minutes. For many people, they give it a score of 9 out of 10 for its stoned meter. The peak of the high can be maintained for around 15 minutes, and then there is the sustained high that would last around 3 hours. The high will give you a pleasant feeling that makes you look happy at all times.

If you plan on growing the strain, you might need to have moderate growing skills. This is because the strain might have a few maintenance needs to be handled. On the overall, you should not spend a lot of time maintaining though. You can expect it to start flowering after 8 to 9 weeks. That is a short time for you to wait and start enjoying your home grown strain.

Why patients use the Cream Caramel strain

There is no doubt that such a strong strain will have many people liking its effects. It will give you deep relaxation and sedative effects that are important for those who suffer from pain. All that time you will be high; you can at least forget about your pain as it is numbed. It can still be used to treat cases of insomnia and chronic stress.

Medical uses of the Cream Caramel strain

Bipolar Disorder
Muscle spasms
Eye pressure

Side effects of the Cream Caramel strain

Cotton mouth

Information about the Cream Caramel strain


Indica 90% and Sativa 10%


Maple Leaf, Skunk, and BlueBack

Stoned meter

It gets an average of 9 on our stoned meter

THC level

It comes with a high THC level of 24%


The breeder of the strain is unknown

Flowering Time

It can take an average of 8 to 9 weeks for the strain to flower

Ideal Growing Method

It can be grown both indoors and outdoors

Plant Height

It has a medium plant height


Expect to get a high yield

Growing skills

It needs moderate growing skills

Potential problems

No potential problems have been reported


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