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The Crystal weed is a hybrid that comes as a cross between Northern Light strain and White Widow strain. You can see that from these names you are onto something great. The Northern Lights strain is one of the best strains as it has won awards over the years. The most notable one being the Time Cannabis Cup in the 1990s. It might be funny that there are such awards, but in real sense you see a strain that has captured the hearts of many. The White Widow on the other hand has also had top ranking on the Cannabis Cup rankings over the years. Combine the two and you have one of the best strains that you will ever want.

This Crystal weed strain comes with a pungent aroma. The aroma is like that of a jet fuel with a flavor of sweet fruit. Yes, it might sound confusing, but that is the best way to describe its aroma and flavor. The breeder also kept in mind the importance of making sure that people like it. It is the reason you find the strain offering a balance between its relaxation and sedative effects. This is possible because of the equal ratio of indica and sativa in the strain. You can now get the best of each side when using this type of strain.

Its various characteristics for some reason has made it great for people looking for something to relax their muscular pain, deal with poor appetite, and stress. Being able to handle stress for any strain is going to be a great bonus. Many people are always looking for a way to deal with their stress and depression.

So, how about growing the Crystal weed? Anyone who has grown weed before should not have a problem with this one. It can grow great indoors up to a height of 100 centimeters. As you can see, this is something average that many people can like working with. The buds tend to be large and dense. The name crystal is due to the glittering crystals that cover the buds when harvesting. It offers an impressive THC level of 15 to 20%. This should be a nice range for many users.

If you want the crystal weed to perform great, consider growing it indoors using the SOG method. It needs the right conditions to grow faster. Since it is a vigorous grower, you might want to keep trimming the leaves just to keep it in shape. As for the flowering time, it should take around 10 weeks for it to be mature. The yield is seen to be relatively good based on how good you take care of the plant.

Why do Patients Use Crystal?

One thing that will drive you to using the crystal weed is the sweet aroma it produces when burned. The fine smoke will now induce a cerebral buzz in the body. Anyone who wants a strain that can get into the system fast, then using this one should be fine. It takes just a few minutes to start feeling it in your system. The users feel energized and creative all at the same time. Another thing it does to a patient should be the feeling of calmness. If you had stress issues, then you can be sure they will be gone. The applies to those who suffer from depression, and anxiety. They will get to deal with their conditions smoothly.

Medical Uses of Crystal

Loss of appetite

Side effects of Crystal

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Information about Crystal


Indica 50% and Sativa 50%


White Widow and Northern Lights

Stoned meter

The Crystal strain manages an impressive 9 on the stoned meter

THC Level

The THC level of the strain is between 15 to 20%


The breeder of Crystal Marijuana strain is unknown

Flowering Time

It takes between 8 to 11 weeks when it comes to the flowering time of the strain.

Ideal Growing Method

The ideal growing method would be indoors preferably SOG.

Plant Height

It has an average of 100 to 200 centimeters in terms of plant height


It can be moderate to high yield depending on the gardener’s care.

Growing Skills

It is quite easy to grow this type of marijuana strain. You only need basic gardening skills.

Potential Problems

No known problems have been associated with using the Crystal marijuana strain


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