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Dairy Queen



Dairy Queen

The Dairy Queen strain is a hybrid with Sativa being dominant. On the overall, you should find it offers incredible balanced high each time you get to use it. It is often seen as great for any mood or setting. The strain was originally cultivated by the TGA Subcool. What you get is a masterpiece made by someone who knows what it takes to have the right amount of high.

As much as it is sativa-dominant, it still features the right amount of indica to keep you high correctly. This characteristic is important for those who are looking for immense relaxation. This is better as you get to relax without experiences the sedative effect of having an indica-dominant strain. It is the reason you should find doctors recommending it for people looking to relieve their daily anxiety issues or pain.

It was named Dairy Queen for the various effects it will have on your five senses. It comes with a rounded nature for the bud. You can also note bright orange-yellow pistols. When it is fully matured, the bud is lime green in color. It might need a little bit of more work when it comes to growing it. Depending on how you care for it, you can expect more or less yield.

Some people would be concerned about where it would be best to grow the strain. For this strain, you can grow it indoors or outdoors with ease. You just have to make sure that the right conditions are provided for it to grow correctly. Being a potent strain, you can expect only to get a medium yield with it.

The scent is going to be an important part of choosing any marijuana strain. For the Dairy Queen, you will note that it offers a pungent scent. Well, it is strong, but since it gives you the smell of cheese and milked combined, many people would not have many problems with it. It also has the smell of your favorite gummy snack.

After the smell, it is all about the taste. If the taste is wrong, many people would not have the strain even if it smells great. For this strain, it combines the taste of cheese with the sweet crunch of a freshly picked fruit. The taste is amazing which is still combined with the best smoothness of a good marijuana strain. You will be definitely on the road to relaxation in no time once you start using it.

Why do Patients Use Dairy Queen?

The Dairy Queen strain will hit the smokers quite faster. This should create a sense of relaxation faster in the patients. The best part is that the patients do not have to worry about any disorienting effects. You should still be able to work or talk to other people, but in a relaxed state. The strain has found quite a following among patients who are looking for a relaxation strain. Even those with a short concentration span can now use it to extend it.

The strain is good for elevating mood, this it is commonly used for treating the symptoms of depression and stress. Having less stress is always important for your health.

Medical Uses of Dairy Queen


Side effects of Dairy Queen

Stinky breath
Dry mouth

Information about Dairy Queen


Sativa 60% and Indica 40%


UK Cheese clone and TGA Space Queen

Stoned meter

The Dairy Queen Strain manages to score an impressive 9 on the stoned meter

THC Level

The Dairy Queen strain comes with THC level of 19%


The breeder for the Dairy Queen strain was TGA/Subcool seeds

Flowering Time

The flowering time should take between 7 to 8 weeks

Ideal Growing Method

As for the growing method, you can grow it indoors or outdoors with ease. Just make sure it is properly cared for.

Plant Height

For most people, they get to describe the Dairy Queen height as medium as compared to the other strains.


You can expect a medium yield with the Dairy Queen strain

Growing Skills

To grow the Dairy Queen strain, you will need to have advanced gardening skills. It needs proper care just to end up with a decent harvest in the end.

Potential Problems

There have been problems reported associated with using the Dairy Queen marijuana strain


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