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Danky Doodle



Danky Doodle

The Danky Doodle is an indica dominant strain with the proportions of indica 90% and sativa 10%. You should find that it is something that would use for enjoying yourself when it is time to relax. The parents of the strain are the Big Bud strain and Viking KC 636. These are one of the best strains you could have used for various uses. Now that they have been combined into one, then you should find Danky Doodle the best of both worlds.

The strain can easily grow both indoors and outdoors. You can see that it is something that you could grow at home with ease. Just make sure you learn more about the growing process first to get it done correctly. The danky doodle thus should be easy to grow for a moderately experienced gardener. Some of the growers have experienced issues of mold when growing the strain. Because of the mold problem, you should then consider growing it in a low humidity environment.

When grown in the right conditions, you should have the plant growing to a height of five feet. This is a moderate height that should many gardeners should like. It should take about 9 to 11 weeks to flower for this strain. In most cases, the harvesting should be around mid-September. If you get to grow it right, you can get the best rewards from the strain as it will grow bigger with potent buds. Since the breeder of the danky doodle is KC Brains, you can expect it to be one performing strain.

So, how does the smoke feel? The smoke of the danky doodle is characterized as thick and fruity. It also has a sense of spices when you exhale. Some reviews show that the strain comes with a woody aroma and then followed by a pungent smell. From the moment you smoke it, the effect should kick in quite fast. As much as that is the case, the effect is not overpowering as it will keep you in control.

The effect of smoking should stick around for longer so that you can also enjoy it further. The indica effects is something that drives more people to use it. It is not just about using for recreational purpose, but you could also use it for medical purposes. On overall, you should find it easy to grow and many more medical uses. It is a strain that should always workout for you whenever you have a lot of stuff on your mind.

Why do Patients Use Danky Doodle?

There is no doubt that the patients would like the Danky Doodle strain for themselves thanks to the indica effects. For most people with problems of insomnia, they always find this one a great strain that they could use for getting some sleep. They could also use the same for treating chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, and muscle spasms.

The best part about enjoying the strain is that no need to use a lot of it. Anyone who is in pain, you should consider having the strain as the high kicks in quite fast.

Medical Uses of Danky Doodle

Relieves stress
Uplifts mood
Chronic pain
Muscle spasms

Side effects of Danky Doodle

Dry mouth

Information about Danky Doodle 


Indica 90% and Sativa 10%


Viking Big Bud and KC 636

Stoned meter

It gets a reputable score of 8 when it comes to the stoned meter

THC Level

The THC level is of the Danky Doodle is at 21%


The breeder for the Dandy Doodle strain is KC Brains

Flowering Time

The flowering time can take up to 9 to 11 weeks. This is an average of what you would expect to find for most strains.

Ideal Growing Method

As for the growing method, using the greenhouse if often the preferred method. You could also grow it outdoors in the right conditions.

Plant Height

The plant has a moderate height that should be appropriate for many people. They can always find it easy to grow their strain in various places.


You can expect to get a heavy yield when growing the Danky Doddle strain. You should get more yield when you get to do the growing right.

Growing Skills

You do not have to be an expert to gain the best results. You can only be moderately experienced to get it done.

Potential Problems

There are no potential problems that have been reported about Danky Doodle marijuana strain.


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