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The Donk marijuana strain is easily described as an Indica dominant hybrid with the proportions of Indica 70% and Sativa 30%. We are lucky to get to know the breeder of this amazing strain. The strain was made by the infamous Spice of Life farms. Even from the name of the breeder, there is confidence that you will get an impressive type of strain. The lineage on the other hand is unknown. There are some people who have likened the taste and effects of the strain being similar to that of Blue Satellite Strain. This could just be one of the parents of the strain, but all that is speculation.

The high you get with the donk strain should be quite good thanks to the THC levels ranging from 17 to 20%. With most of the strains having the THC level lower than this, you can expect its high to last for longer. Based on the experiences of those who have used it before, the high can last as long as 3 hours. Having a high of 3 hours with a few hits is the dream of most weed users. Patients have described the high as immediate. You will not have to wait for ages to start feeling it. It will begin behind your eyes and then numbing the entire head. You should be relaxed in no time.

The flavor of the donk strain is something else you have not experienced before. You will note that it comes with a soapy and hashy taste. You will also experience a berry aftertaste when inhaling and a candy betty taste on exhaling. The berry taste should make it smooth for most people to keep hitting the joint. Some users have commented that they also fled a sweet floral smell with the undertones of raspberry and strawberry.

So, how about those who want to grow the strain? Apparently, this is one of the best strains that you can grow. The reason mainly is because of the high yield you can expect to get. High yield means you get more pot in just a small place. That being said, you will need to have moderate gardening skills. This should help with making sure you know how to take care of the strain and make the most out of it.

It is often advised that you grow it indoors. This is the ideal location for making sure that the plant has the right conditions for thriving. Since it has a medium height, it should be easy to grow it in smaller spaces indoors. It will need about 9 weeks for flowering. It is better considering that there are several strains that would take up to 14 weeks to flower. Once flowering is done, you should note the buds having a light green color with orange hairs.

Why patients use the Donk strain

It has been noted that the patients would love using this strain for its nature of creating numb relaxation. Such type of relaxation should be popular for people who have issues of back pains, chronic migraines, and even headaches. Having a few hits of this strain should keep you feeling okay for several hours enough for you to forget the pain.

There are times when people who have trouble eating can use this strain. It will help with the loss of appetite and get you eating in no time.

Medical uses of the Donk strain

Chronic pain
Loss of appetite

Side effects of the Donk strain

Cotton mouth

Information about the Donk strain


Indica 70% and Sativa 30%


The parents of the donk strain are unknown

Stoned meter

The donk marijuana strain scores a stoned meter of 7.5

THC level

The strain comes with a THC level of 17 to 20% on average


The breeder of the donk strain is Spice of Life Farms

Flowering Time

As for the flowering time, it can take from 8 to 9 weeks for this strain.

Ideal Growing Method

It is advisable to grow the strain indoors

Plant Height

It is a medium height plant


You should expect a heavy yield with the strain if cared for properly

Growing skills

You need to have moderate growing skills to farm this strain

Potential problems

No problems have been reported on the use of this strain


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